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Learn the Differences Between Lithium Jump Starters, Power Banks & Jumper Cable Kits on This FAQ

  • I thought Jumper Cables were wire and clamps? So what is a lithium Jumper Cable Kit?
    Jumper cables are simply medium to heavy gauge wire in varying lengths from 4ft to 20ft with clamps on each end allowing you to connect a non-working battery in one vehicle to the working battery of another vehicle. When used correctly, the ultimate goal is to ‘Jump start’ the non-working battery. A lithium Jumper Cable Kit allows you the opportunity to not have to flag down a passing motorist when you come across a dead battery in your car. You simply open your glove box and attach the lithium battery to your car battery and turn the key; lithium batteries maintain their charge for a long time. There is no waiting around for assistance. No long tangled cables claiming all your trunk space. And there is no need to wait to use it only when an emergency arises. It can be used every day to charge your smartphone, computer, tablet and game players. Read our blog post concerning a young lady that went to use her kit and the lesson that was learned when using a lead acid jumper cable kit.
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  • What is better, a lithium Jump Starter or lead acid rechargeable Jumper Cable Kits?

    Each has advantages and drawbacks. Lithium Jump Starters will most often fit in your pocket or purse and are extremely lightweight compared to lead acid kits. They also get used more often to charge smartphones and other electronic devices since they are so portable and have 5V, 12V and 18V output ports. The lithium jump starters will also have a much slower self-discharge rate.

    Lead acid based Jumper Cable kits are much more bulky and can weigh upwards of 35 lbs! Because of their size and weight they tend to be left in the trunk and forgotten about. (Read This Blog: Don't Let a Dead Battery Steal Your Friday Freedom Face!). However, they do have one feature the lithium jump starters do not have, air compressors! I find I use my air compressor quite regularly to inflate tires on my vehicle, bikes and quads.

    A good quality lithium jump starter is priced about the same as an all-in-one lead acid rechargeable jumper cable kit. I have one of each. The lead acid version sits in my garage most of the time and is used often for general maintenance and the lithium unit is passed between my car, truck and where ever my wife leaves it! It is used more as a Power Bank on steroids than a jump starter.

    For me I cannot say one is better than the other as each affords me the ability to accomplish specified tasks in different environments. There is definitely overlap of tasks, but in certain situations I gravitate towards one over the other, but really end up using both equally. My wife and children may say the lithium jump starter fits their needs better as they primarily use it to charge their electronics all day every day...How does the Weego put it: Everywhere you go Weego!

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  • What is a Jump Starter?
    A jump Starter is a device used to connect to a dead battery in your vehicle to provide the necessary boost to get it running. There are two methods: self assisted and vehicle to vehicle. The self assisted method requires a portable battery pack you keep with the vehicle. The other method requires long cables with clamps and another vehicle's battery within reach.
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  • These lithium jumper kits all look the same. Why are yours any better?

    You are right! Many of the lithium jumper cable kits look similar on the outside. This is because...they are! The two basic molds were sold into the open market in 2014 or late 2013 allowing many entities to begin manufacturing them.

    In regards to quality and safety standards many reputable companies got caught in the hype and in the hunt for the lowest price ran afoul. See our three part blog series covering this topic. Two jump starter manufactures commented at length on the first in our series comparing the 12000 mAh lithium jump starters and the quality safety concerns.

    I would recommend avoiding the cheaper knock-offs, even if it is sold by a recognized company, as it will most certainly not have the same quality components and added safety features designed to protect your vehicle, jump pack, and person using the tool.

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  • What is the difference between a Lithium Jumper Cable Kit and a Power Bank?

    A lithium Jumper Cable Kit is like a Power Bank on Steroids! First let’s look at some of the similarities. Like a Power Bank or external portable battery pack as they are sometimes called, they are pocket sized and have similar capacity levels such as 6,000mAh, 12,000mAh or 18,000mAh. They also have one or two 5V output ports to charge your portable devices such as smartphones. Many of the higher capacity units can also recharge laptop batteries with a 19V output port and even have a 12V DC port. But the primary difference is that the Jumper Cable Kits have the ability to attach to your dead car battery and get you up and running again in seconds. They come with alligator clamps and can produce 400-600CCA on demand.

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  • What is a Power Bank?

    A Power Bank is an external and most often portable battery pack that is used to recharge your 5V electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and game players. They can range in capacity from 2000mAh to 20,000mAh. Some are small enough to fit in your hand and resemble a tube of lipstick. Others can easily be stowed in your glove box or purse and fit in your pocket. Still others are thinly designed to sit under and connect to your laptop via the 18-20V output port. Depending on your capacity you can recharge your device once or a dozen times before needing to find an AC outlet.

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  • Why Can't I Charge My Car With A Power Bank?

    A pure Power Bank is not designed to jump start a car. I know some people have tried using them via the cigarette lighter adapter to accomplish this task, but it is unsafe and potentially fatal. They do not have the safety features built in to prevent back feed surges like their higher quality jumper cable hybrids. If you want the best of both worlds, buy one of the Weego Battery+ Power Banks, such as the JS12, that is lab tested to safely jump charge your vehicle and re-charge all your electronic gadgets.

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  • Why do I need a jumper cable kit when I have AAA?

    AAA is an option you can pay for that has some good benefits, like getting keys out of a locked car. The downside is having to wait 20 minutes to several hours for them to arrive. Why wait when you could be up and running in minutes with a lithium jump starter?



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  • What is a Portable Charger?

    A portable charger is synonymous with the term "Power Bank". Learn more about Power Banks here.

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