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Weego JS12 Contents
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Weego JS12 Heavy Duty Jump Starter Battery+

Quick Overview

The Weego JS12 Starts Your Engine, Charges Your Phone & Fits in Your Pocket. Heavy Duty Power that's Far from Heavy!

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    In Stock

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  • Capacity (Ah)

    12000 mAh

  • Warranty

    18 Month

Original Price : $149.99

The 12000mAh Weego JS12 lithium battery personal power supply Jump Starter pack is the perfect gift for college students and weekend boaters and bikers. Don't be left stranded on the side of a dark road when you could easily pull out your JS12 jump starter from your purse or glove box and get your dead battery up and running in the blink of an eye! When there is no roadside emergency, use the Weego JS12 to charge your smart phone or other small handheld electronic devices.

The Weego JS12 Not Just For Emergencies!

We have all been there--drifting helplessly on the currents of the ocean, stuck on the side of the road with no one around, broken down in the back country with a smart phone that normally has signal, but your battery is dead. The compact and lightweight Weego JS12 jump start battery is perfect for these situations, but there is no need to wait for an emergency to experience the convenience and genius of your heavy duty jump starter battery plus. use for everyday activities such as charging your smart phone and personal computing devices. Grab your Weego jump start battery when you travel or simply cannot find an unused AC outlet top charge your devices. It is power when you need and where you need it.

Arrive at your campsite late in the evening? Weego JS12 flashlight to the rescue.

Laptop battery about to die on your long transatlantic flight? Weego 12000 mAh battery pack to the rescue.

Pass a stranded motorist on the highway? Weego 400 peak amp Jump Starter to the rescue.

Kids screaming in the back seat when there game player battery dies? Weego with USB charging port to the rescue.

Check out Weego's other jump starters: Ultra-Compact Standard 6000 mAh JS6 and the Powerful Lightweight Professional 18,000 mAh JS18

Weego JS12 - 12000mAh Jump Starter Battery+ Features

  • Starts gas engines up to 6.4L (diesel up to 3.2L)
  • Charges phones, tablets, speakers and other portable USB devices
  • Compact design fits in your pocket or glove box
  • Affordable – pays for itself after just 1 jump start
  • Long-lasting 12V lithium-ion battery – only loses 2% charge per month when stored - offers up to 1000 full charging cycles
  • Jumper cables and battery pack with safety circuitry protections built in
  • Auto-off feature
  • Independent lab tested
  • Ideal operating temperatures from -4°F to 140°F
  • LED flashlight with strobe and SOS emergency light functions
  • Wall and car chargers, 3-in-1 (micro, 30-pin and lightning) USB cord and carrying case included
  • 12V and 19V outputs to charge accessories and other mobile devices
  • 8 laptop/device connectors with adapter cable
  • 18-month warranty
Product Specs
Availability Note: In Stock
Model: JS12
Brand: Weego
Dimensions (LxWxH - inches): 6.25" x 3" x 1"
Dimensions (LxWxH - metric): 159 x 76 x 25
Weight (lb): 0.95 lb
Chemistry: Lithium
Warranty: 18 Month
USB Charging Ports: 1
Capacity 20Hr (Ah): 12000 mAh
Watt Hour: 44.4 Whr
Max Input: 14V / 1A
Max Output: 5V / 2A, 12V / 10A, 19V / 3.5A
Charging Cycles: 1000
Charging Time: 3 hrs
Flashlight \ Strobe \ SOS: Yes
Starting/Peak Current: 200A / 400A
Marine Engine: inboard / outboard
Diesel Engine: up to 3.2L
Gas Engine: up to 6.4L
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