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  • RediPulse Pro-12 : Best Battery Maintenance System - Pulse Talk September 2015

    Battery Maintenance SystemIf you find yourself in a situation where you have several stored batteries needing to be maintained in peak condition, then you need the Pro-12-RP manufactured by Pulse Tech.  The RediPulse Pro-12 is the best multi-channel battery maintenance system on the market. It will keep up to 12 lead acid based batteries of any type—sealed AGM, gel, conventional—in peak operating condition indefinitely. It is a must have product for automotive shops, battery resellers, and commercial fleet managers. Continue reading

  • SC-2 Recovery Charger Pulse Talk August 2015

    Recover Batteries Previously Thought Dead

    SC-2 Recovery Charger Pulse Talk 2015-08 In July, we heralded the SC-12 Recovery Charger as an indispensable component to a successful Battery Management Program (BMP). For August’s Pulse Talk segment we are introducing its baby brother, the new SC-2 Recovery Charger.

    The SC-2 Recovery Charger is the perfect complement for smaller fleets and maintenance bays and pays for itself with the recovery of approximately 9 batteries! The PulseTech line of chargers desulfates batteries so they can accept, store and release maximum power. SC-2 is completely safe with no possibility of overcharging or overheating. Continue reading

  • SC-12 Recovery Charger - Pulse Talk July 2015

    PulseTech There is No Comparison

    SC-12 Recovery Charger Pulse Talk 2015-07PulseTech’s SC-12 Recovery Charger is an essential component to creating a highly successful Battery Management Program (BMP). Not only does it allow users to reduce hazardous waste generation by desulfating and recovering ‘dead’ batteries, the SC-12 recovery charger will achieve immediate cost savings. Dramatically reduce your new battery budget by extending the life of existing batteries, efficiently restore & recover old batteries and decrease battery related maintenance and installation costs. There is no other charger on the planet that can compare with how the SC-12 desulfates batteries so they can accept, store and release maximum power. Continue reading

  • GTZ14S Generator Battery Dilemma

    Non Standard JIS specs for GTZ14S generator battery, Opposite Polarity

    Generator Battery Dilemma: GTZ14S Non JIS & YTZ14S JIS Standard

    We came across an interesting find this week concerning a non JIS labeled GTZ14S generator battery. Never before had we come across a non JIS power sport sized sealed lead acid battery and were skeptical of what the customer was telling us. Sure enough, we found a picture of an off brand battery using the GTZ14S part number with opposite polarity in a BE9000 and BE6500 generator. Continue reading

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