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  • 12V 4Ah vs. 12V 5Ah: Can You Use One Battery For The Other?

    The What's What in The Battery World

    The question is often asked: Can I use a 12V 4Ah battery instead of a 12v 5Ah battery? The reverse question is also asked. The answer may not be earthshattering but will provide perspective and peace of mind. Continue reading

  • Make a Dead Battery Come Alive!

    Jump Starting a BatterySo how do you make a dead battery start? If it is dead, shouldn’t you just replace it? We are going to cover 5 ways to start a dead battery even without jumper cables. I’m willing to bet that most of you have never tried or even considered idea number five! Continue reading

  • Impact Battery BBB Review

    To see the latest Impact Battery BBB Review please check out the Better Business Bureau’s Central & Eastern Kentucky listing. Impact Battery has been accredited with the BBB since 2011 and is currently in good standing with an A+ rating. Continue reading

  • Who Makes the Best AGM Group 34/78 Battery?

    The Drakon Group 34/78 BatteryI was looking under the hood of my Suburban yesterday pretending to know what I was doing. I wanted to see if I could figure out what was causing our heat to be blasting when the air conditioning was on the coolest setting. In true fashion, my mind started to do what it does best; lose focus on the task at hand. I couldn’t help but notice we have a Drakon Group 34/78 battery installed. And so I pondered… Continue reading

Welcome to Impact Battery
The What’s What Comparison of Battery Brands, Parts and Applications

The WHAT'S WHAT in the battery world is a feature where we compare and contrast different brands, parts and applications. Designed to answer questions pertaining to differences or nuances, both major and minor, between your favorite brands.

See our special MADE IN THE USA batteries and chargers. We are proud to offer these products that help support our great nation. You may also want to save a little extra cash by visiting our current coupon/discount page.

We specialize in sealed lead acid batteries, mobile power solutions, inverters and smart chargers for motorcycles, ATV's, UPS backup systems, electric & mobility scooters, RV's, boats, and more. Impact Battery has what you need when it comes to sealed lead acid batteries, chargers, converters, desulfators, and more! We stand behind what we offer. See why customers choose Impact for their motorcycle batteries, portable solar panels, and deep cycle battery needs.

Experience the difference. Not only do we offer top quality products, expert customer service and reviews, we give back a portion of every sale to the charity of our customers choosing. We don't ask for your money; you tell us where to send ours! Together we are making an IMPACT one battery at a time!