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  • Why Do You Need a Suitcase Recovery Charger?

    The SC-12, SC-6, SC-2 Suitcase Chargers

    Recovery Charger 2016-04 Pulse TalkTo help clear the air right from the start, this Pulse Talk feature is not talking about built in smart phone charging packs found in newer luggage (although the idea is pretty ingenious). The recovery chargers we will be discussing today are the PulseTech commercial grade charging platforms build into convenient portable hard HPX plastic suitcases. These incredible desulfating chargers not only charge and maintain your existing batteries they will recover batteries that once were destined for or adorned the scrap pile! Continue reading

  • Magna Power Batteries Suck? Let’s Review the Evidence

    Reviewing The Evidence...

    I was doing some research the other day and came across a bold proclamation on, a personal water craft forum, which read: Magna Power Batteries Suck! It caught my attention and compelled me to dive into the post and review the evidence.

    Having a well-defined understanding of power sport battery technologies and brands I was committed to find and share the truth. I was also quite certain there was more to this story that was certainly lost in the attention grabbing headline! Continue reading

  • F650 BMW Motorcycle Battery Update

    Brief F650 History Lesson

    The BMW F650 motorcycle was jointly made by Aprilia and BMW. The original 652cc version made from 1993 to 2007 was a single cylinder Rotax engine. In 2008 the F650 switched from being a single cylinder to a twin engine bike but now produced 798cc. As to the evolution of the F650 BMW family of bikes that was welcomed news! However, they confused the bejeebers out of everyone by keeping the F650GS name rather than changing to the F800GS or something entirely different. At the same time they still produce the single cylinder motorcycle, but adjusted the naming slightly to G650GS to account for the difference. So the F650 name carries from 1993 to present, but is actually two entirely different bikes!

    The 1st F650 Battery Issue

    Why does this matter? Well, for starters they Continue reading

  • PulseTech XC100 Charger vs. Battery Tender Jr. | Pulse Talk

    The XC100: What Legends Are Made Of2015-12 Pulse Talk XC100

    The XC100-P can be used on motorcycle batteries, boats and yachts, RV’s and automobiles, solar systems—if it uses a lead acid battery the XC100 should be used to extend the batteries useful life. Depending on the size of your battery bank it can be used as your primary charger or as the systems desulfating maintainer. We have been singing its praises for years and it is the subject for this month’s Pulse Talk.

    This Pulse Talk edition has a link to an article originally published August 2008 in Wing World Magazine. The article found on page 42-43 is titled: Xtreme Charge 5-Stage Battery Maintenance Charger and is written by Stu Oltman. Towards the middle of the article Stu made mention of a charger test he had completed in 2002 of five leading charger brands. I have not looked up that article, but I am going to assume that he too tested the Battery Tender Jr. and or the Battery Tender Plus (PN 021-0128). What I found so interesting is that his results mirrored what I had discovered during a charger test I conducted several years back. Continue reading

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