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  • Pray For Eli - A Journey of Faith & Love

    #LoveForEliAs the title alludes, this will not be our typical educational / informational battery related blog post. Instead, I ask that we put our differences aside, take a moment to pause and pray for Eli.

    Who is Eli? Eli is a little boy struggling to survive a Stem Cell transplant. According to the doctors, the actual transplant is progressing and has NOT been rejected by Eli’s body. However, very shortly after the surgery, he acquired a virus that has been attacking his lungs and shutting down his kidneys. This is obviously, hindering the progression of the transplant and robbing his body of the energy and nutrients needed to begin producing the much needed ‘T’ cells that can fight a virus. He now lies lifeless on his hospital bed struggling for every breath and yet after months of battling this virus his little body has not given up! The doctors have prepared the family for what appears to be the inevitable, but left the window of hope open saying “it would take a miracle.” Continue reading

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  • 12000mAh Lithium Jump Starters: What is the Difference between Weego, Antigravity, Energen and others?

    Comparing 12000mAh Lithium Jump StartersThe short answer to this question is Components, Marketing, Price, Paint & Packaging! When comparing the various pocket-sized 12000mAh lithium jump starters such as the Antigravity Micro Start XP-1, Weego JS12, Lil Lightening RP-2, PowerAny 12000, GooLoo GP01, the Energen EN-PJX6, istart, Dr. Auto, Jump Tiger and CarKu one might notice they tend to appear eerily similar. This is because, for all sakes and purposes, from the outside looking in, they are! The basic design Continue reading

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  • Battery Management Program (BMP) Pulse Talk May 2015

    Start Using The Battery Management Program Today

    Battery Managament Program - Pulse Talk 2015-05It is time to recover batteries that appear old and worn out using the Battery Management Program (BMP) created by PulseTech and tested and approved by Impact Battery and many real world business' just like yours!

    In this months edition of Pulse Talk, we highlight a trucking company from south Texas and the Kentucky Army National Guard (Pulse Talk May 2015 Edition). Continue reading

  • Motorcycle Battery Season: Read Before You Buy!

    Every spring we prepare for the onslaught of calls and emails of winter weary Americans looking for a new motorcycle battery. This year is no different, except perhaps, for the slower start from our snow covered friends in the Northeast. It has stopped snowing up there, right? But all joking aside, it can be a frustrating task that raises more questions than answers for bike enthusiasts. We thought we should dispel a few myths, talk about the best brands and share some inside knowledge in regards to known battery failure rates and best overall perceived values.

    This Motorcycle Battery Tip Could Save You Big Bucks!

    Just because your battery won't start your bike, doesn't mean the battery should be thrown away or that it can't be trusted! Continue reading

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