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  • PulseTech XC100 Charger vs. Battery Tender Jr. | Pulse Talk

    The XC100: What Legends Are Made Of2015-12 Pulse Talk XC100

    The XC100-P can be used on motorcycle batteries, boats and yachts, RV’s and automobiles, solar systems—if it uses a lead acid battery the XC100 should be used to extend the batteries useful life. Depending on the size of your battery bank it can be used as your primary charger or as the systems desulfating maintainer. We have been singing its praises for years and it is the subject for this month’s Pulse Talk.

    This Pulse Talk edition has a link to an article originally published August 2008 in Wing World Magazine. The article found on page 42-43 is titled: Xtreme Charge 5-Stage Battery Maintenance Charger and is written by Stu Oltman. Towards the middle of the article Stu made mention of a charger test he had completed in 2002 of five leading charger brands. I have not looked up that article, but I am going to assume that he too tested the Battery Tender Jr. and or the Battery Tender Plus (PN 021-0128). What I found so interesting is that his results mirrored what I had discovered during a charger test I conducted several years back. Continue reading

  • How the Weego JS12 Jump Starter Saved the Day!

    Weego JS12 Jump starter Battery+ in ActionIronic! I left my pocket-sized lithium Weego JS12 jump starter battery+ plugged into my cigarette lighter socket and 13 hours later, as I was leaving work, discovered my car battery was drained. The last few mornings my Subaru started rather slow and I knew my car battery was getting low and needed a good Pulse Charge. As a safety net, I grabbed the Weego. If I was not in such a rush and so utterly distracted, I would have unplugged the device and brought it inside to charge while I was at work. But, I suppose, if life went as planned I would not have a good story to tell you today… Continue reading

  • Why Use a Sealed L16 Solar Battery Vs. Flooded Conventional Batteries?

    Many installers use the L16 solar battery in their renewable energy projects. However, most tend to use the old flooded conventional deep cycle batteries rather than the newer more versatile sealed AGM solar batteries. What is the rationale for this decision? The question begs to be asked, why not use a sealed L16 solar battery?

    Mike Chose the Sealed UB63800 L16 Solar Battery

    Making the RackA few weeks ago a customer of ours purchased 24 of the 6 volt 380 amp hour sealed L16 solar battery made by Universal Power Group. This workhorse of a battery, part number UB63800, has very favorable specs when comparing to some of the traditional flooded batteries Continue reading

  • Sulfation and Pulse Technology Desulfators

    Sulfation and How to Prevent it

    November 2015 PulseTalkIt is no secret that sulfation is the #1 killer of lead acid based batteries and that desulfators using Pulse Technology make an IMPACT. PulseTech, a company that produces desulfators, recently said, “After 20+ years, there is no doubt that our products will eliminate your battery problems and will make your batteries perform better.” However, there are still some much respected battery professionals that would argue differently. Continue reading

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