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About Pro Charging Systems, The Makers of Dual Pro

Dual Pro chargers are made by Pro Charging Systems, a leading provider of a wide range of battery charging systems for the marine, industrial, emergency services and recreational markets. Their chargers, with Delta Volt technology, are built to last and designed to make your battery systems perform better and remain in service longer. The Delta Volt technology helps charge batteries faster to 100% state-of-charge with no risk of overcharging. It will maintain the charge and make batteries perform better and last longer. As a result, leading battery manufacturers recommend their products to charge their batteries and many manufacturers make Dual Pro battery chargers their primary choice for installation on their products. As an example, in 2006 and 2007, a leading boat manufacturer selected Pro Charging Systems as their "Supplier of the Year".


Pro Charging Systems is a proud American company located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Since 1989, we are proud to say that they have been manufacturing their products here in the United States of America. Today, they continue to manufacture all of their Professional , Sportsmen and Eagle Performance Series products in the Nashville manufacturing facility and intend to continue that tradition. They do produce the new Go Charge Series and Recreational Series overseas, however those products are also designed and engineered here in America. Pro Charging Systems is a strong advocate for American innovation, American workers, and American quality.

As a result of Pro Charging Systems ongoing commitment to produce the most advanced battery chargers in the industry, the company is proud to introduce its new DeltaVolt intuitive battery charging technology. This technological leap forward utilizes sophisticated firmware (software) to enable the charger to automatically adapt to the charging needs of a wide range of batteries such as Group 24, 27 and 31 deep cycle batteries . In fact, DeltaVolt technology can simultaneously charge a mix of battery sizes safely and completely!

  • Advanced 5 stage intuitive charge technique
  • Automatically adapts to the charging needs of both cranking and deep cycle batteries
  • Can simultaneously charge a mix of battery sizes completely and safely
  • Technology designed, developed and proudly produced in the USA

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