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Batteries Plus Knowledge: Essential

A Layman's Guide to Batteries

Let's get back to basics! Our Battery Basics Tutorial dives into the nitty-gritty world of batteries plus smart battery chargers to help you discover and understand fundamental battery terms and definitions. It also addresses best practices for charging deep cycle and sealed lead acid batteries in parallel, for example, or walks you through how to open and replace the battery in a 12 volt Peg Perego ride-on-toy. If you ever found yourself wondering what the equivalent cross reference was for say a Walmart EverStart battery or an OEM Harley Davidson motorcycle battery we have created easy to understand charts with links to comparable brands. Our desire is to place the information at your fingertips so you can make an informed battery purchase. It really is a Layman's guide to batteries.

A Blog About Batteries that Makes a Real Impact

Our blog, READY for IMPACT, is a series of articles that are informative and thought provoking. Some of these writings will share a unique experience or story we had the privilege of being involved with. The vast majority will address a battery related question or discovery relevant to our audience. One such blog post from 2013, titled "Answer to the Question: Do Desulfators Really Work?" has developed quite the following as it discusses the topic of sulfation. As powersport battery specialists, our 2016 article "Does Your Bike Battery Need a Warranty? How Do You Test it?" has helped to educate riders across America as it walks them through how to prevent and diagnose a dead battery. A small portion of posts found in the CEO Corner are very personal and reflect the personal convictions and thoughts of Impact Batteries CEO. We do our best to keep it real and to help all of us grow in our knowledge and understanding.

The What's What Comparison of Battery Brands, Parts and Applications

The WHAT'S WHAT in the battery world is a feature where we compare and contrast different brands, parts and applications. It is designed to answer questions pertaining to the differences or nuances, both major and minor, between your favorite brands. This head-to-head charger and battery guide truly helps you understand what you're buying and cuts away the sales pitch.

Made In USA | Impact Battery Coupons

See our special MADE IN THE USA batteries and battery chargers. We are proud to offer these products that help support our great nation. Included in this section are two of the world's best manufacturers of ultra smart chargers for scissor lifts and golf carts. There are also premium Deep Cycle, Starting, Lighting and Ignition batteries offered by LifeLine and East Penn for your automotive applications.

You may also want to save a little extra cash by visiting our current coupon/discount page. We try to keep easily accessible up to date list of coupon codes that you can use at your convenience.

Take Charge and Let's Make an Impact Together

Experience the difference. Not only do we offer top quality products, expert customer service and reviews, we give back a portion of every sale to the charity of our customers choosing. We don't ask for your money; you tell us where to send ours! Together we are making an IMPACT one battery at a time!

Impact Battery is proud to serve individual customers as well as corporate America. If you require a larger quantities or have an ongoing need please feel free to reach out and see how we can better serve your requirements. We specialize in maintenance free AGM and SLA batteries for individual mobility scooter and small scale UPS systems to large commercial oil drillers and solar installations. If you operate or rent out a fleet of vehicles we have very dependable chargers, batteries and desulfators to keep you profitable and eliminate downtime.

SLA Battery Specialist: Desulfator Kings

We are a leading distributor of battery desulfators. Our Battery Management Program (BMP) is a no brainer for those looking to reduce long term battery costs and take better care of the environment. Impact Battery has powerful, easy to use consumer ready desulfating chargers as well as highly intelligent easy to use multi-bank commercial grade chargers such as Pulse Tech's SC-12.

We specialize in SLA batteries, mobile power solutions, inverters and smart battery chargers for motorcycles, ATV's, UPS backup systems, electric & mobility scooters, RV's, boats, and more. Impact Battery has what you need when it comes to Sealed Lead Acid batteries, chargers, power converters and battery accessories. We stand behind what we offer. See why customers choose Impact for their motorcycle batteries, portable solar panels, and deep cycle battery needs.