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We're a battery solutions company for everyday people and businesses providing results wherever you live, work or play. As these products meet your need they help fuel the IMPACT Power with Purpose initiative that delivers hope to families and children in crisis.

The Power with Purpose Continuum

There are two parts to the IMPACT initiative. Each ads fuel to the other. Ignore one and the other starves and jeopardizes the whole system.

Part 1

We are deliberate in connecting buyers with the best solution that will deliver the best results.

Power with Purpose CycleBatteries are the heart of your system providing the lifeblood needed to keep your project, mode of transportation or recreational pursuit powered. Impact Battery purposefully seeks to find the balance between providing up and coming technologies and old reliable time-tested products offered from companies we can trust and enjoy working with.

Getting this right provides the means by which we can fully enact part 2.

Part 2

We recognize that we live in a world filled with hurting people and broken families. We want to help change that.

It seems to us; batteries and families are very similar. Both provide energy. When your battery is sulfated and dying your system will not operate at full capacity—or not at all. In the same way, when the family is beaten down and suffering society cannot operate.

As part of the IMPACT initiative we partner with organizations such as the Orphan Care Alliance (OCA) who, in part, equip and train foster parents to help break this ‘hurting’ cycle, so kids can feel safe and find hope. We also sponsor training in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)—a therapeutic model that trains caregivers to provide effective support and treatment for at-risk families.

Getting this right provides immense joy giving hope to the hopeless—freeing parents and kids from addiction and suffering. This incredibly satisfying joy motives us to work that much harder to fulfil part 1 of Power with Purpose.

What Propels Our Mission?

When something is impressed upon your heart so deeply that it changes how you view the world around you, it will have a profound impact on how you live and interact with that world.

To that end we believe that if you love God, you will love people. If you love people, you will put their interest before your own. When others are considered first, the most honest and buyer-focused solutions will be sought out. This in turn provides a sense of purpose, satisfaction and contentment for both parties. With these basic needs met, a foundation for success has been established and we can all flourish.

What Role Do You Play?

If you’re an individual and these ideals resonate with you then buy a charger or battery product from our store today. As your need for power is met, family’s lives will be changed forever through the IMPACT Initiative.

If you’re business needs assistance solving a more complex energy issue, call us and see how selecting Impact Battery can propel your business forward all while lifting a family or child out of hopeless situation.

Together we’ll make an IMPACT one battery at a time!

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