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Welcome to Impact Battery!

About Impact Battery

About Site Logo Impact Battery was founded on the idea of giving.
Our mission is simple: " Provide high quality batteries and chargers and have a positive impact on community "

We desire to provide high quality battery products to our loyal customers and in turn support and give-back a portion of every sale to local community organizations and schools. We believe everyone plays a role in strengthening our neighborhoods which is why you, the customer, get to choose who we support. This is our way of helping to build community and make a larger impact.

At you will find Deep Cycle Batteries made by LifeLine Batteries, Universal Power Group (UPG) and Amstron Power Solutions for your recreational vehicles—marine, golf cart and RV batteries—uninterruptable power supply (UPS) units and wheelchair scooter batteries. We are constantly bringing on new lines and brands of batteries, so check back regularly.

Solar Panels, Solar Charger

Our chargers and solar chargers are provided mainly by Pro Charging Systems (Dual Pro), Samlex, Japlar Schauer, Power Up and Global Solar Energy (maker of the foldable solar panel ). Many of these units are made or assembled in the United States and have multi-year warranties.

If you need help choosing a product or would like to know more about becoming a partner in our community giving program please email us. We would also like to hear from you. Please tell us how we can improve our service to you; be it adding new products or making the site design easier to navigate. Or simply send us an email to say thank you. Whatever comments you have please do not hesitate to share them.

Impact Battery: making a difference one battery at a time!

Brothership Large

The image to the right was selected to act as the reminder of why Impact Battery is different. We not only care about our customers and the environment, but thanks to you, we are able to support charitable organizations all over the nation. From all of us at Impact Battery and the charities supported by your choice to take action, we wish to convey our gratitude and say THANK YOU!

Impact Battery is a division of the Benevolence Group; an organization dedicated to kindness, compassion and goodwill. Everyone can lend a helping hand. Everyone has a role to play. Now is the time to take action.