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It is in our opinion that the best RV deep cycle battery is going to be a sealed AGM leak proof, corrosion proof battery. When you consider the increased life expectancy, Increased power density and hassle-free maintenance (no watering; no corrosion) it is no wonder you will not find a conventional deep cycle or starting battery on this page. What you will find in this category are some of the best sealed AGM brands you hear your friends talking about around the card table at night. You know the ones, they are the friends that never seem to have an issues with their RV batteries and are all smiles.

A few select made in USA LifeLine batteries are listed below. For a complete overview of all the brands select one of the three categories below.


What is the Difference Between Deep Cycle and Starting Batteries?

The basic compounds of starting batteries and Deep Cycle Batteries are essentially the same--lead and acid. Deep discharge batteries used in recreational vehicles (RV's), boats, golf carts and other electric powered vehicles are designed to provide a continuous current over an extended period of time. These batteries can be routinely discharged to 50-80% depth of charge. To achieve this deep discharge ability, the plates are made thicker. They still have the ability to provide a short but less powerful burst of power compared to a similarly sized starting battery.

Starting batteries are designed to turn over an engine and provide high rates of current over a few seconds. These batteries seldom discharge past 20% depth of charge as most vehicles have an alternator that provides the necessary power to run the vehicle once started. To achieve the necessary burst of current these batteries need to have thinner plates which greatly reduces the internal resistance of the battery.

We offer a hybrid line of USA made AGM batteries made by North Star . These pure lead batteries are considered dual purpose batteries used both for starting your luxury bus and as your deep cycle house batteries. Their highly compacted ultra thin plates generate incredible cranking power and provide great reserve capacity. They are the best of both worlds!

Series / Parallel Combinations

The 6-volt GC2 Group size is popular with many motor home owners. Lifeline's GPL-6CT is essentially the same footprint and almost three inches taller, but provides roughly 50% more capacity. When you are combining four of these batteries via a series parallel configuration that makes for some serious run time!

To learn more about a series parallel setup please visit our tutorial page that explains in detail how to properly create this type of battery bank.

If you have any questions about AGM RV Batteries or want to know more regarding why we feel they are the best type of RV Deep Cycle Battery money can buy, then please give us a call or read some of our articles linked to from this page. The best we can do is explain why the people sitting across the card table still have a smile on their face.


Are You Properly Charging Your House Batteries?

Many of you will be surprised to learn that your fifth wheel and RV house batteries are not properly tied together in parallel. Improper installation will result in batteries being overworked. This leads to premature failure.

Read this tutorial to learn how to perfectly balance and charge your batteries in parallel . Your batteries will last longer and your wallet will thank you!

In Need of a New Charger for Your Motor Home?

The IOTA DLS charger converters are extremely popular in the RV and boating community. They can convert AC shore power to DC current even when no battery is present. There are several imitators of their look and design, but it is always best to select the brand that drives the innovation.

Their new SDC series of converter chargers once again catapults IOTA Engineering to the front of the line. Check out these new RV chargers that come with an industry topping 3 year warranty.

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