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John B., February 6, 2012

John Wrote:  Battery appears to have failed.  Purchased 5/3/2011…I periodically put each of my motorcycle batteries on a battery tender type device through the no-riding season.  I do not leave any battery connected to the charger continuously.  It has always topped off quickly until this weekend.  I am recording around 5-6 volts (right after the charger is removed, no resting period).

Our Response Feb 6th 2012: Voltage that low usually means an accidental short took place.  The smart chargers of today will not allow a recharge of a 12V battery that is below 7-8V as a safety feature.  Try putting the battery in parallel (just like jump starting a vehicle) and then connect the charger to one of the batteries and leave it connected until the charger indicates a fault or is fully charged.

John Replied Feb 9th 2012: That worked! Thank you.

Robert G., January 6, 2012

Thank You SO much for your timely help.  I really appreciate your A+ customer service.  I am returning the package today.  You have superb responsive customer service which is rare!

Tom R., December 29, 2011

Just wanted to say awesome pricing and super-fast delivery. I will add you to my faves!!

Dave D., November 11, 2011

Hi, just wanted to let you know I received the Sherpa 120 tonight and the Sherpa 50 will be dropped off at a UPS store in the am.  And also wanted you to know how much I appreciate the quick response!  I'm passing around Impact Batteries web address to folks I know who are looking for any type of battery solutions.

Harold H., June 10, 2011


My package arrived today which was a motorcycle battery and is installed and starting my "beast" very beautifully. I want to thank the staff for such GREAT service and that I will certainly buy from you when next I need something that you carry. If you happen to have a catalog, I would like to have one rather than using the computer which is shared here at my house. I like the online aspect however because it saves trees! Thank you again for such excellent service, products and price. Harold, (Harry)

Allen C., May 24, 2011

Battery arrived as per your e-mail.  No damage.  Battery installed in Honda Reflex with no problems and was easy to install.  Works great.  Hope I can say the same in two years.  Thanks for everything.  You were very efficient with the order.  Hope to do business with you again in the future.  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Efstratios G, May 19, 2011

I recently purchased a battery from your company on May 13, 2011. As it turns out there ended up being a processing error and my order was not processed on time and delayed, I called and spoke with two very helpful reps in your sales department Chris and Darren (I apologize if misspelled) who were able to assist me. Darren especially had taken the initiative to see my order through and make sure the order will be processed today COB. Given my unique situation I asked if the shipment could be expedited to make up for lost time, which Darren had inquired about with management and sought clearance.

I would like to thank both the company for absorbing the cost and praise Darren for his initiative and professionalism with the handling of my situation. I really appreciate it...They have made a customer out of me, Darren your still not getting a commission off the sale of my bike! lol

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