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  1. Can I Afford and Do I Need Lithium Batteries in My Bass Boat?

    Family Fishing on Alabama Bass Trail

    Have you noticed that lithium battery sponsors are lining up some big names in the bass fishing world?

    Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Patrick Walters, touts Relion. Bill Weidler pitches Impulse lithium batteries. Clark Wendlandt, the Bassmaster 2020 Angler of the Year, is sponsored by Lithium Pro. Same goes for Ott Defoe.

    These are some big names in the fishing world singing the praises of lithium. Albeit these accolades probably have some Benjamin’s written on them.

    On the surface, and despite the obvious sponsorships, the push towards this new power source seems to m

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  2. We have Found the Best Harley Davidson Battery

    Best Harley Davidson Battery for this Road King

    The big V-twin bikes always seem to have battery complaints ranging from not enough power to premature and sudden battery death. Lithium batteries were supposed to solve the lack of power concerns. However, they have been found wanting due to high failure rates and inflated prices.  But, after nearly 2 years of IMPACT real-world testing, we believe we found the best Harley Davidson battery. If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle battery, you

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  3. Upgrade Kids John Deere Tractor Battery in Peg Perego Ride-on-Toy

    How to Change Your Kids John Deere Tractor Battery

    There will come a time when you need to change the battery in your child’s ride on toy. If you o

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  4. Best Battery to Overcome 3 Biggest BMW Motorcycle Battery Complaints

    BMW Motorcycle Battery Complaints and How to Fix It

    There are three major battery complaints we have identified (and now fully resolved)

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  5. MotoBatt Hybrid – An AGM Lithium Motorcycle Battery Marvel

    The Evolution of Motorcycle Batteries

    The 1920’s thru the 90’s offered various forms of conventional or high-output lead acid motorcycle batteries. The

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  6. Select the Right 4D Battery or Suffer the Consequences

    The Best 4D Battery Makes All The Difference

    So, you installed the wrong type of 4D battery. Yeah, don’t whine to me. If you recall, you may have been the one that wanted the cheapest battery you could get your hands on. Or the one that said, “it won’t make that much of a difference. Besides, my dad used these for years!”

    I loath these types of conversations. Especially since there is so much information available online these days to help any poor soul make an informed purchase decision. If you are ready to buy a new group 4D battery, keep this 2-

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  7. From NorthStar to Odyssey: Best Marine Batteries for Catching Bass

    Accomplished angler Dustin Wilks fishes’ various bass fishing locations and teaches how to find and catch more fish on the wildly popular TV series Catching Bass with Dustin Wilks found on The Sportsman Channel.

    An often-overlooked component to an angler’s success and subsequent enjoyment is having a reliable power source. Yes, the battery.

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  8. Changes to the MotoBatt Battery Terminal in 2021

    M-Flex Battery Terminal on MotoBatt Hybrid Motorcycle Battery

    During the 1st quarter of 2021 MotoBatt will begin to transition away from the QuadFlex battery terminal design. The current terminal design was first introduced in 2010 and will still be used for some part numbers. The affected models with this new terminal configuration include the MBTX9U, MBTX12U, MBTX16U, MBTZ10S, MBTZ14S and MBYZ16HD.

    They will change from “C” shaped Quadflex terminal to a fixed terminal on all 4 sides of the battery. Each battery will have 1 set of Block Nut, 1 set of Screws and

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  9. Compare Power Wheels 12 Volt Battery 00801-0638 and 00801-1661

    Question: What's the difference between the all gray Power Wheels 12 volt battery and the gray with orange top 12V battery?

    Question: Can I use the 12V orange top battery if my toy came with the all gray one?

    It is questions like these that are commonly asked by parents and grandparents wanting to replace a dead or dying Fisher Price Power Wheels battery

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  10. How to Connect & Charge Batteries in Series / Parallel

    How to Connect & Charge Batteries in Series / Parallel

    If you want to know about charging batteries in series and parallel then you have probably asked or are wondering what the advantage is of connecting batteries in series / parallel. This tutorial will provide easy to understand diagrams and will share reasons why you would use this battery configuration.

    If you need to know about charging parallel batteries then click over to our tutorial on perfectly balanced charging. You may discover why your batteries have not been lasting as long as you thought they should!

    Before we dive in any further, we would like to pause and thank our friends over at Iota Engineering for creating the graphics. Iota manufactures the very popular DLS line of power supply chargers found in many of our

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