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12V 4Ah, 12V 4.5Ah, and 12V 5Ah SLA Batteries

These 12V 5Ah batteries by Universal Power Group and Amstron are used often in alarm systems, small electric scooters and UPS backup systems. Some older systems may have used the 12V 4Ah battery or the 12V 4.5Ah battery. It is OK to purchase the higher amp hour (Ah) rated battery. The AP-1250 battery, UB1240-F1, and the UB1250 batteries are AGM sealed lead acid batteries that come with a 1-year warranty.

There are 2 terminal types: F1 size terminals are 0.187" wide and F2 terminals are 0.250" wide. If you have accidentally purchased the wrong size terminal it is easy to correct. All you need to do is affix either the F1 to F2 adapter or the F2 to F1 adapter. They are very inexpensive and will cost way less than exchanging for the battery with the correct terminal. If you have not purchased your replacement battery yet and are unsure of your terminal size it may be a good idea to buy a set as "insurance". It may be worth preventing unnecessary frustration and lost time trying to correct an error.

The 12V 5Ah battery is an upgrade replacement for the 12V 4.5Ah. The UB1250-F2 battery is by far the most popular in electric scooters while the AP-1250F1 & UB1250-F1's are more commonly used as alarm system batteries.

PLEASE NOTE: The 6V 4.5Ah battery can be found following this link and is very much different from the 12 volt batteries found on this page.

12 Volt 4Ah vs. 12V 5Ah

Read our What's What in the Battery World post comparing the differences and similarities between the 12V 4Ah battery and the 12V 5Ah battery. It may not be earth shattering, but since you may be leaving the protection of your home to a small device, it could prove useful.

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  1. $11.95
    As low as: $8.95

    12V 4Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Battery with F1 Terminals. Includes a manufacturer 1 year full replacement warranty. Follow this link to upgrade to the UB1250-F1, a 12 Volt 5Ah battery with the smaller 0.187" F1 terminal.

  2. $14.95

    12V 5Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Battery with F1 Terminals. Used with UPS computer backups, security alarms, and many of other devices. Includes a manufacturer 1 year full replacement warranty. Replaces and upgrades the 12V 4.5Ah battery UB1245.
    Follow this link if you need the larger 0.250" F2 size terminal instead of this smaller 0.187" F1 terminal.

  3. $14.95

    • This is a 12V 5Ah battery
    • Sealed AGM leak proof battery
    • Fits electric scooters, alarms, UPS
    • Freeze Resistant
    • Resists Vibration
    • 1 yr Warranty
  4. $13.95

    12V 500mAh Dual Stage Charger/Maintainer...requires clips or barrel plug
4 Item(s)