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Sealed Maintenance Free Lifeline AGM Batteries

LifeLine Batteries

LifeLine AGM Batteries are the premier sealed lead acid (SLA) absorbed glass matt (AGM) battery for the RV and marine community. No other AGM deep cycle battery matches the quality and workmanship of a LifeLine AGM battery. They offer an industry leading 5yr warranty and are made in the USA! If they are good enough for the United States military, they are good enough for your boat or RV!

Are LifeLine Batteries the Best?

We wrote an article responding to the question asking, what is it about the Lifeline AGM battery that makes them so popular and dependable?

To get the full story behind their legend, you will have to read the article. You will discover why so many put their trust in this sealed AGM American made workhorse.

One thing we will reveal is that Lifeline's have the lowest internal resistance of any battery manufactured at only 2 percent! If that means nothing to you, know this, that number is outstanding! And when you couple that with proper wiring and charging techniques this will translate into batteries that will last many times longer than the competitors. You can learn more about perfectly balanced parallel charging on our tutorial.

So if you are searching for the best RV and Marine deep cycle battery you have come to the right place! You may also want to consider updating your charging system and installing a new DLS or DLSX series IOTA charger converter.

Sealed AGM Batteries vs. Wet Conventional

Sealed lead acid batteries, also referred to as AGM batteries, will not leak acid and do not vent gas like the conventional batteries. They can be used in closed spaces. They typically last longer and require little to no maintenance. They do however cost more up front but in the long run save you money and time.

6 Volt vs. 12 Volt RV Batteries

There once was a time when there was some merit to the claim you should use 6V batteries rather than 12V batteries. But with the advent of AGM SLA batteries we feel this is no longer the case because the layering of active material between the glass matt means there is just as much surface area available. You don't have to worry about the degradation of the plates like in the old days when it was a solid chunk of metal stuck down in some acid.

A Lifeline AGM battery is just what the doctor ordered for your RV or deep cycle marine application.

26 Item(s)
  1. $175.95
    As low as: $144.95

    Group U1 - 12V 33Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  2. $224.95
    As low as: $198.95

    850 Cold Cranking Amps: Amazingly Slow Discharge Rate
  3. $339.95
    As low as: $298.95

    870 Cold Cranking Amps. Discharge Rate: 152 Min at 25 Amps!
  4. $349.95
    As low as: $288.95

    12 Volt 80 Amp Deep Cycle GPL-24T Battery by LifeLine
  5. $366.95
    As low as: $328.95

    This AGM battery has 1020 Cold Cranking Amps: Amazing Discharge rate!
  6. $369.95
    As low as: $308.95

    12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery by LifeLine
  7. $399.95
    As low as: $338.95

    This Lifeline Battery has 1120 Cold Cranking Amps
  8. $398.95
    As low as: $338.95

    12V 105Ah Group 31 Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  9. $468.95
    As low as: $398.95

    Group 31 12V 125Ah Deep Cycle Marine and RV Battery by LifeLine
  10. $578.95
    As low as: $458.95

    12 Volt 150 Amp Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  11. $739.95
    As low as: $608.95

    Lifeline Sealed Lead Acid 12 Volt 210 Amp Deep Cycle Battery
  12. $749.95
    As low as: $618.95

    12V 210Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  13. $399.95
    As low as: $338.95

    6V 220Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine GPL-4CT
  14. $838.95
    As low as: $738.95

    Group 8D 12V 255Ah Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Battery by LifeLine
  15. $828.95
    As low as: $728.95

    12V 255Ah Deep Cycle Group 8D Battery by LifeLine
  16. $489.95
    As low as: $398.95

    6V 300Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  17. $768.95
    As low as: $658.95

    6V 400Ah Deep Cycle Marine/RV Battery by LifeLine
  18. $399.95
    As low as: $338.95

    2 Volt 630 Amp Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle AGM Battery by LifeLine
  19. $418.95
    As low as: $328.95

    Sealed Lead Acid 2V 660Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  20. $498.95
    As low as: $428.95

    2V 900Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  21. $759.95
    As low as: $649.95

    2V 1200Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  22. $199.95

    300 Cold Cranking Amps! Offers 20-50% more power than similarly sized batteries.
  23. $312.95

    Race Cranking Amps 1050, Cranking Amps 950, Cold Cranking Amps 750
  24. $298.95

    Race Cranking Amps 1050, Cranking Amps 950, Cold Cranking Amps 750
  25. $14.95

    Can be attached to any Lifeline series battery for vertical mounting of application wires.
  26. $14.95

    Can be attached to various Lifeline batteries for proper marine mounting.
26 Item(s)