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V65 Florida (All Years)

The Moto Guzzi V65 Florida was the birth of the true Italian custom. It was in production until 1994 when it was ceased in favor of the 750cc Nevada. With slightly longer forks, saddle bags, a new seat design, and a redesigned tank the influence of the burgeoning American style is clear to see in the changes to the original V65, which looked more like the British cafe racers from Norton/Villiers/Triumph. Now that you know a bit of the history behind this wonderful Italian classic just scroll down to get a fantastic replacement motorcycle battery for you Moto Guzzi V65 Florida!

Replacement Batteries for a MOTO GUZZI ® Motorcycle has a brand name replacement battery available for your MOTO GUZZI ® 650CC V65 Florida (All Years) Motorcycle. Choose from a dry charge, AGM maintenance free, traditional wet cell or advanced lithium battery that is compatible with your MOTO GUZZI ® V65 Florida (All Years) Motorcycle. All of our non-OEM replacement batteries listed below are guarunteed to physically fit your MOTO GUZZI ® Motorcycle and come with industry leading warranties and ultra-competitive pricing.

  • 4 Item(s)
    1. $109.95

      Enjoy the power of an East Penn ETX20L battery makers of the Harley Davidson 65989-97B OEM battery.
      • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 310
      • Dimensions (in): 6.87 x 3.44 x 6.12
      • Capacity Amp Hours: 17
      • Warranty: 1 Yr Replacement
    2. $130.50

      TWO YEAR WARRANTY! The MotoBatt AGM Sealed MB18U replaces YB18-A, YB18L-A, YB18L-A2
      • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 280
      • Dimensions (in): 7.09 x 3.54 x 6.54
      • Capacity Amp Hours: 22.5
      • Warranty: 24 Mo (1Yr + 1Yr)
    3. $69.00

      12 V 18 Ah UPG Battery Replaces YB18L-A
      • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 235
      • Dimensions (in): 7.09 x 3.54 x 6.42
      • Capacity Amp Hours: 18
      • Warranty: 1 Yr Replacement
    4. $199.95

      Advanced AGM B2015 racing battery replaces YTX20HL-BS, YTX20L-BS, ETX20L
      • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 426
      • Dimensions (in): 6.8 x 3.4 x 6.1
      • Capacity Amp Hours: 21
      • Warranty: 1 Yr Replacement
    4 Item(s)