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Replacement Peg Perego 6 Volt Batteries and Chargers

You have come to the right place to replace your Peg Perego 6 volt battery and charger for your toddler's ride-on quad or Thomas Train to name a few. Here are three key points to consider when replacing your battery.

  • The original 6 volt rechargeable battery is topped by a GREEN plastic case to make it easy to identify and replace
  • There are three physical battery sizes to consider (scroll below products or Click to Learn More)
  • It is least costly to replace only the battery under the GREEN top

Peg Perego Charger

Selecting the correct 6V Peg Perego battery charger is pretty simple. They only make one! It is known as model 25200019 or MECB0085U.

This 4.5W or roughly 750mAh charger can be used on all three of the Perego battery sizes.

Some parents choose to use an aftermarket 6 volt charger that has small alligator clamps. These clamps can connect directly to the battery terminals under the GREEN lid. It is a fine option for those that lost or choose not put the GREEN top on the battery.

6 Volt Peg Perego Battery Replacement
  • Chemistry:AGM - Factory Sealed
  • Dimensions(in):2.76 x 1.85 x 4.17
  • Capacity Amp Hours:4.5
  • Warranty:1 Yr Replacement
Peg Perego 6V 4Ah Battery
  • Chemistry:AGM - Factory Sealed
  • Dimensions(in):2.76 x 1.85 x 4.17
  • Capacity Amp Hours:4
  • Warranty:6 Mo. Replacement
Peg Perego 6V Charger

Peg Perego 6V Charger Green (Original)


  • Chemistry:Lead Acid
  • Warranty:3 Month Replacement
DMU6-8 Old IAKB0509 Replacement Peg Perego Battery (AKA: IAKB0508 Slim)
  • Chemistry:AGM - Factory Sealed
  • Dimensions(in):5.94 x 1.34 x 3.94
  • Capacity Amp Hours:7
  • Warranty:1 Year
IAKB0508 Replacement Batttery
  • Chemistry:AGM - Factory Sealed
  • Dimensions(in):5.94 x 1.94 x 3.82
  • Capacity Amp Hours:12
  • Warranty:1 Yr Replacement

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Peg Perego 6 Volt Battery for Your Situation

When it comes time to replace the 6 volt rechargeable battery for your Peg Perego train (perhaps Thomas) you need to decide whether you feel its best to purchase a whole new battery system which includes the GREEN top, wire harness and battery or if you can live with only replacing the battery under the GREEN top.

If price were the only factor it would be a no brainier—get the battery only and save 60% or more! However, some parents may be uncomfortable with this arrangement based on aesthetics or perceived danger. Still others say its common sense and no one will ever see the battery. Are you ready to get technical and see what all the fuss is about?

In the center of the original Peg Perego 6 volt battery there is a screw hole used to hold the GREEN top to the battery. The addition of this screw hole drastically changes the low price of this common emergency exit sign battery to the high priced Peg Perego battery. The battery itself is a standard size. The GREEN top will rest atop either one.

The difference is, if you choose to purchase the replacement 6 volt rechargeable battery you will no longer be able to use the screw to hold the GREEN top on. Most parents either tape the top edge where they come together or use a rubber band stretched around the battery and the GREEN top. We personally like the rubber band method as it doesn't leave that tape residue left over time.

What Size 6V Peg Perego Replacement Battery Can I Use?

Over the years Peg Perego has used 3 different sizes of 6-volt batteries. Most of the little toddler sized Peg Perego trains and quads utilize the 6V 4.5AH battery (IAKB0509 or HGL-4-6). But there are still some toys out there that utilize one of the larger 6V 7Ah or 6V 12AH batteries. Peg Perego does not even make a replacement battery for these two larger sizes. The only option is an aftermarket 'below the GREEN top' replacement battery.

If any of this seems confusing please don't hesitate to call. We will help you select the correct 6 volt rechargeable battery for your toy.