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Comparison of Equals: Yuasa Vs. MotoCross

We hear it often, Yuasa is so much better than (fill in the blank). In many cases, we would tend to agree. In some other instances we think the comparison is a little blurry or in another manufacturers favor. But in the case of Motocross vs. Yuasa, we have to definitively say it is a COMPARISON of EQUALS.

Headquartered in Laureldale, PA, Yuasa Battery Inc. is the world’s number one producer of motorcycle and power sport batteries. They are the original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for many of your coveted brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki.

Motocycle Products Co. (the company marketing the Motocross label) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yuasa Battery Inc. and is their aftermarket (primarily non-OEM) replacement battery brand. They are officially located in Reading, PA which is a 9 minute drive from the Yuasa manufacturing plant in Laureldale. We will get into the differentiation shortly but to help you better understand let’s compare the specs of a widely used part number.

YTX14-BS Specifications Example

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular part numbers in the power sport world: The YTX14-BS Battery.

Yuasa YTX14-BS vs Motocross YTX14-BS

Part NumberYTX14-BSYTX14-BS
Dimensions - Inches6 x 3 7/16 x 5 3/46 x 3 7/16 x 5 3/4
Dimensions - MM150 x 87 x 145150 x 87 x 145
Capacity AH 10Hr12 Ah12 Ah
Cold Cranking Amps200 CCA200 CCA
Approx. Weight Lbs10.1 Lbs10.1 Lbs
Country of OriginUSAUSA
Battery TypeBottle Stock AGMBottle Stock AGM
PolarityLeft PositiveLeft Positive

When cross-referencing the specification data, the only difference you will find is in the internal stock code number. Yuasa appends the letters YUA to the beginning to better differentiate the brands internally.

When you open the Motocross box to initiate filling the battery with acid you will notice the labeling on the bottle stock. The bottle of electrolyte reads: Manufactured for YUASA Battery Inc. The instruction booklets are also the same: YUAFRMBS and YUA-FRM-002.

The Battery Applications & Specifications cross reference book for both companies are laid out exactly the same changing only the red color scheme and images for Yuasa for the blue color scheme and images for Motocross. On page 35 of the Moto Cross version of the 2015/2016 guide you see the same Yuasa NP series SLA advertisement as found in Yuasa’s guide. Page 32-33 sport Yuasa chargers and accessories.

Comparing Battery Performance

Even though the stickers or the silk-screening are different there is no performance difference between the two labels. The batteries come off the same production lines. If you blind tested the batteries side-by-side you would never be able to determine whose is whose because they are internally identical.

Why does this matter? For starters, your wallet will thank you for making an informed decision. You could end up paying 20% to 70% more for a Yuasa labeled battery purchased online or from your local dealership! That’s right, despite being the exact same battery MotoCross will save you tens of dollars at the register.

Yuasa is contractually obligated to preserve the integrity of its namesake label with the dealers. This helps them and the dealership to lock in insane margins. Obviously, this does not work quite so well in the ultra-competitive aftermarket. So to gain profits in this lucrative market, Yuasa created another company and brand which releases them from the contract obligations and preserves their OEM relationships.