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Impact Battery has a wide range of solar products for every application. We specialize in portable solar chargers and offer the industry leading Sun Xtender sealed deep cycle AGM solar battery. You can search for a solar battery panel by size or brand if you know what you want or simply browse through the categories below. Need assistance? Call our helpful and knowledgeable staff toll free at 866-668-3163.

Learn How Solar Panels Convert One Form of Energy into Another

Have you ever wondered how these shiny silver and blue rectangles that lay across the roofs of buildings actually convert sunlight to electricity?

We have! So we thought it would be a cool idea to share it with you. And rather than overwhelm you with technical jargon, we thought it best to keep the answer somewhat short and in Layman’s terms.

Some materials absorb sunlight better than others, such as silicon. On the molecular level, these materials kick off an energized electron when in direct sunlight. These materials can be contaminated with a chemical boosting the number of free electrons that can be excited and set free. This is what happens on the top layer of a solar panel.

At the same time you need to have another crystalline material present that is low in electrons and will soak up the newly released electrons from the top layer. This material is tainted with a chemical that attracts and soaks up more electrons.

In between the top electron giving layer and the bottom electron receiving layer is a thin insulated layer that the electrons have to jump over. This movement of electrons creates a tiny bit of voltage. Each cell provides roughly 0.5V of direct current electricity. Connect a circuit to each side of the layer and you can then start collecting the power that is generated. Connect several cells together to achieve the desired voltage of the solar panel. Pretty simple right? Well now you know how solar panels generate and convert energy.