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You have come to the right place to replace your Peg Perego 12v battery charger and battery for your four wheeler, John Deere Gator & Tractor and Gaucho ride-on. Here are three key points to consider when replacing your battery.

  • All of the original Peg Perego 12 volt batteries are surrounded by a BLUE plastic case to make it easy to identify and replace.
  • There are two physical battery sizes to consider (scroll below products or Click to Learn More)
  • It is least costly to open the case and replace only the battery inside


How to Select the Best 12-Volt Peg Perego Battery

Sometimes when there are too many options or scenarios what seemed like should be a simple task can turn into a grueling endeavor. We aim to make buying your replacement battery easy

First things first which battery size do you currently have? There is a smaller 12V 8Ah battery that roughly measures 6 x 2.5 x 4" and a larger 12V 12Ah battery that roughly measures 6 x 4 x 4 inches. Focus on the width. Is your battery closer to 2.5 inches wide or closer to 4 inches wide?

Now that you know which battery you currently own you have several options. You can simply replace the battery inside the BLUE case with the correct Peg Perego 12 volt battery or upgrade to a higher capacity battery that comes with a new BLUE case and wire harness.

Option #1 -- Replacing the Battery Inside the BLUE Case

If you currently own the smaller 12 volt 8 amp battery (Could be one of these part numbers: IAKB0014, DJW12-7, DMU12-7.6, DMU12-8, DJW12-8HD) then your only choice is to replace with our 12V 9Ah battery. This modest upgrade will provide a slightly longer run time between charges compared to the original 8Ah battery.

If you currently own the larger 12 volt 12 amp battery (Could be one of these part numbers: IAKB0501, DJW12-12HD, DMU 12-12, NP12-12, CF12V12-T, 2606FR) then you have two choices. You can stick with a 12V 12Ah or upgrade to a 12 volt 15Ah battery. The 15 amp battery will provide up to 25% longer run time between charges

If you are uncertain on how to open and remove the Peg Perego 12 volt battery inside the BLUE case, then take a moment to review our tutorial.

Option #2 -- Replace or Upgrade Your 12V Peg Perego Battery

The good news with this option is that every Peg Perego toy that uses a 12 volt battery can take advantage of option two! Yes, even if your toy came with the smaller 8A battery, it was made to receive the larger 12A (or now our 15A) battery. The key is to make sure you are selecting the battery that identifies it as being the entire system and or shows ONLY the picture of a battery inside the BLUE case (not a larger image of a black battery with a smaller imposed BLUE cased battery off to the side; those represent internal replacement batteries.).

This second option will cost a little more money, but the battery will be drop in ready. But there will be no need to prepare the battery before installing in the ride-on-toy. It will be fully assembled, charged and ready to connect to your Peg Perego ride-on toy.


Peg Perego Battery Chargers & Accessories

The Peg Perego 12v battery charger is known by one of these three part numbers: IKCB0081, 25200025 and MECB0034U. Interestingly enough neither part number appears on the charger! The charger is a simple 2 stage charger that turns off once the battery is fully charged.

We have created a charging adapter that will allow you to use your 12V smart charger used around the garage in place of a Peg Perego 12v battery charger. Buying this adapter or the special charger kit we created is a very wise use of your hard earned dollar. Now you can use one charger to charge all your 'grown up' toys and the kids toys.

Many of you requested and so we delivered a replacement BLUE case and wire harness.

The replacement wire harness has an external fuse installed vs. the finicky breaker. the fuse was also moved to a position outside the blue case rather than be hidden inside the case. This makes changing fuses quick and easy!

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