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Peg Perego Battery Replacement Tutorial & Buying Guide

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This tutorial provides insight, instruction and money saving purchase options for the various Peg Perego Batteries. It outlines:

  • How to replace only the battery instead of the entire battery system (saves $$$)
  • How to increase ride time between charges
  • When to use a replacement battery and when to use an OEM
  • The differences in battery sizes helping prevent buying the wrong one
  • How or if you can upgrade to a larger size battery.

To purchase any of the replacement batteries discussed in this replacement guide, click the image below or follow this link to our Impact Battery ride-on toy category and enjoy saving money!

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Peg Perego Background Info

Peg Perego is a world leader (along with Mattel and the Power Wheels brand) in manufacturing kids ride on toys. They licensed the rights to make replica John Deere Gators and tractors, Polaris four-wheeler’s, and the Ducati Monster motorcycle to name a few. Kids aged 3-7 spend hours driving around the yard pretending to be their favorite racer, movie star, or their own dad working the farm. Inevitably, there comes a time when the fun ends and a new battery is needed in order to keep the peace. Hopefully we will shed some light on your options. Your first and maybe obvious choice is to simply buy a new battery system from Peg Perego or one of their licensed dealers, but as you already discovered (or will soon discover) this option becomes rather expensive.

An alternative is to replace the battery inside or under the protective safety cover. If you have any ability and want to save a bunch of cash, you will see there is no need to replace the entire battery system. Continue reading to discover how to change the battery and what you can expect once you have decided to go this route. You will save 40% or more compared to the original Peg Perego battery system.

Peg Perego 12 Volt Battery (BLUE)

Save Money Buying a Replacement Peg BatteryThe 12V battery is the most widely used and can be found in the John Deere Gator and Turf Tractor, Polaris Outlaw and Trail Boss quads, and the Ducati Monster motorcycle. There are two 12 volt battery sizes currently used, the IAKB0501 which is a 12V 12Ah and the IAKB0014 which is a 12V 8Ah. Both batteries will fit and can be found in these toys. If you have the smaller battery you will find a hold down bar and rectangular plastic space holder being used. The larger battery does not need the plastic space holder found between the battery case and the hold down bar as it is simply designed to stop the smaller battery from moving around in the battery tray. It is imperative to check which one you have before buying a replacement. The smaller 8 ampere battery is usually the one that comes with the John Deere toys, but not always. Other than the obvious amp capacity variance (12Ah vs. 8Ah), the difference in these two batteries is the physical width.

Impact Battery offers an upgrade for each of these batteries. The IAKB0501 replacement has 25% more capacity and is the UB12150-PEG 15Ah battery. The IAKB0014 replacement has 9 amps instead of 8A and is the UB1290-F2. Our replacement battery must be matched to the size of your existing battery or it will not fit inside the blue case. See below how you can open the blue case and possibly upgrade the smaller IAKB0014 to the larger battery.

NOTE: Some of the older Gaucho vehicles use two 6V 12Ah batteries in series to provide a 12V connection (HE6V12.7-S10 or IAKB0508). The wire harness has 4 leads instead of 2 leads. If you have this setup we would recommend using 2 of the UB6120 6 volt 12 amp hour batteries and not trying to use the 12V of the same physical size.

Opening the Blue Cover

To open the blue protective safety cover you will need a flat head screwdriver. The battery system is made up of a wire harness, battery, and protective cover. The cover consists of a bottom, top and two side straps.

  • 1. Choose one side strap and place the screwdriver behind where it attaches to the top part of the cover (between the strap and the battery). Carefully leverage the screwdriver so as to “pop” the strap away from the battery. The piece connecting the strap is like a one-way rivet or a flaring bolt that is designed to go in easier than it is to come out; thus eliminating the ability of small children from opening the cover.
  • 2. Now you have access to the battery inside the protective case. Carefully remove the slide-on wire harness tabs connected to the battery terminals. Remove the defective battery and insert the new replacement Peg Perego battery and reconnect the slide-on wires.
  • 3. Take the side strap and force the “rivet” back into the top cover whole. Connect the battery to the ride-on-toy and watch the kids have fun.

Additional 12V Information

Breakage – Should you need to replace your IAKB0501 protective cover Impact Battery has these in stock. The protective cover is only the blue plastic case surrounding the battery and does NOT include the wire harness or battery. Also, these covers fit only the 12V 12Ah (12V 15Ah) batteries and NOT the smaller IAKB0014. They are also designed so that you can slide the battery in via the side of the case rather than having to pop open the side strap as described above.

Upgrade – If you would like to upgrade your IAKB0014 8-amp Peg Perego battery to the larger and longer lasting 15-amp you can. You must reuse the wire harness from the original battery system and purchase the Blue Protective Cover along with the replacement IAKB0501 (UB12150) battery.

2nd Battery – It is NOT a good idea to purchase a second replacement Peg Perego 12V battery as a spare. For this to work, you would have to open the protective case every time, which is not exactly a plug-in-play exercise and you would need a charger that has alligator clamps. Buy an original battery from the manufacturer if you want to have a second charged battery always available to switch out when the first drains down. An original battery system will cost upwards of $70.

Peg Perego 6 Volt Battery (GREEN)

There are several smaller battery operated ride on toys made by Peg Perego. These toys take one of 3 different 6 volt batteries. The 6V 4.5Ah battery appears to be the most popular and widely used. All of the 6V batteries have a green protective safety cover over the terminals. These covers are held in place by a screw. To utilize a replacement battery, you will need to detach the green cover from the Peg Perego battery. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTACH THE COVER TO YOUR NEW REPLACEMENT BATTERY USING THIS SCREW. To continue using this cover you will need to place a bead of super glue or clear silicone around the top of the battery and press the green cover firmly atop the battery (of course this is after connecting the wire harness to the terminals). Some individuals have had success using electrical tape (or even duck tape); this is just as functional, it just doesn’t look as pretty. From our understanding the majority of customers completely remove the green cover and simply connect the wire harness to the terminals. After selling several thousand of these batteries being sold it appears any of the above ideas seem to work and save customers $20-40.

It would be good for us to note that the 6V 12Ah battery also known as IAKB0508 or part number HE6V12.7-S10 is sometimes used in series to make 12 volts. This would apply to you if: your battery cover is blue instead of green, the above referenced part number is displayed and your wire harness under the cover has 4 leads.

The three Peg Perego 6V battery sizes:

[[6V 4.5Ah]] [[6V 7.2Ah]] [[6V 12Ah]]

Peg Perego 24 Volt Battery (YELLOW)

The Perego 24V batteries use a similar system as the 12v batteries. The only difference is the case color, yellow instead of blue, and there are two 12-volt batteries inside. These batteries are connected together in series via a small slide on wire that goes from the POS(+) of battery one to the NEG(-) of battery two. Opening the case and replacing the batteries inside will follow the same instructions laid out in the 12V battery section of this article. Visit our 24-volt specific category page to purchase specific parts, batteries or chargers.

123 thoughts on “Peg Perego Battery Replacement Tutorial & Buying Guide”

  • Larry Calhoun

    just bought grandson a Perego John Deere tractor BD today and after getting it assembled a few days later found paper stating that battery should be charged 18 hours before riding.....I don't have 18 hours before he receives it will a 5 hour charge work? noticed it was charged when received somewhat

  • Jessica

    Hello I recently just purchased the Peg Perego Polaris Ranger RZR 900 12-volt for my daughter and I wanted to see if we could use the 24 vt yellow battery for her ranger? Is there any way to up the battery size on these or do I have to stick with the blue battery???

  • Robert Ingam

    Good to see all of this information about the battery side of these peg perego toys. We have a JD Gator that we got used, it has a broken battery door (I've found that) and a broken wire harness on the vehicle side - BLACK Connector. Where can I get this harness or connector to fix this? Alternatively, I could just cut off all of the connectors and put on different ones. Which would be easiest / cheapest to do?

  • Laura Lepich

    We have a Perego gator. It was working/charging fine and then it sat all winter unused. We just got it out and plugged it into the charger and the light on the charger blinks orange. It will not take a charge at all. any suggestions?

  • sunk818

    I used the charger that came with my GM Chevy Silverado and used it to charge a new 12V 12A battery. The AC charger was initially orange (charging), but got to green (charged). I put the battery in the harness, fitting the red to the red on the harness. Then I plugged the harness & battery in the car. Toy car still will not start. What do I check next? There was a mention of a fuse on the harness. Should I try replacing the battery system (the harness)? I'm not sure what else to try. How much do you sell just the battery system for without the battery? Mine is not blue. It is black and there is a green fuse inside the harness next to the power connector that goes into the middle of the toy car under the seats.

  • UncleZach

    I have the John Deere jeep and my kids pulled the battery off still connected to the black plug. The wires are still in tact but I don't know which one is positive and which one is negative. Can you tell me? One is red and one is blue...

  • Kaizia Mouli

    We have a peg Perego ride on vehicl The bliblue connector part somehow came off. The battery itself is still good but I don't dare to try and connect it back on to wires n connect wrong wire to wrong side of connector or something. What should we do? I don't want to have to buy a whole new kit. How do u fix this

  • Jan bell

    I bought a peg perego gator at a goodwill it had no charger. I knew I could get one on Amazon. I bought one for $18.99 on Amazon it didn't charge the battery. I knew the battery worked as it did have some power when I bought the gator. I let the company know the charger didn't work. They said the battery should be at 10v or better before it will charge. It was at 11.98 volts so it should have worked. MY husband took some clamps and wire and connected to the battery. In four hours the car charger had the battery charged. I did let the company know the charger didn't work just waiting to hear back. I hope this will help some of you that are having problems with the original Peg charger and batteries.

  • Jan bell

    I bought a peg perego gator at a goodwill it had no charger. I knew I could get one on amazon. I bought one for $18.99 on amazon it didn't charger the battery. I knew the battery work it did have some power when I bought the gator. I let the company know the charger didn't , the said the battery should be at 10v or better befor it will charge. It was at 11.98 volts so it should have worked. MY husband took some turmial and clamps and wire, put the turmial at one end and clamps at the other and we charger the battey in 4 hoyrs with a car charger. Idid let the company know the charger didn't just waiting to hear back. I hope this will help some of you that are having problems with the chatger and batteries

  • Sheila Wagner

    I purchased a used John Deere Buck and am not sure how many or what kind of battery it takes. Can you help me out????

  • Sarah

    We just bought a used Thomas ride on. I charged it up and the music, sounds, and lights work. The train won't go. However if I turn the wheel while pressing the button it will start to go but very slowly and if I put it back up right it will stop. Is this a battery problem or gear problem? I am not sure what to try and replace.

  • Dahorvat

    Does anyone know where to buy the female to female quick disconnect that goes from the neg battery post to the wire harness? After replacing our battery we had a hard time keeping this piece connected and after crimping/tightening down on it the piece has broken.

  • Heather Vogel

    Hi, I have a Peg Perego john deere gator. Do you know if I can purchase the battery harness wiring separately? Thanks!

  • Mark Keefe

    Hi, I have the older Gaucho with two 6V 12Ah batteries. I did not notice this until after I opened the housing. I had already ordered a 12V battery (not having found this great resource). Not being great at electronics, I figured I would try to join the positives together with wire nuts on one side and the negatives on the other (6 + 6 = 12, right?) however it's blowing one of my fuses every time I try to connect. Is there any way to make a 12V work or should I just bite the bullet and buy two 6V?

  • Elena

    Hi I have a peg perego Thomas the train , I bought it used and ordered a new battery and a actual peg perego charger for it , so the train runs with the new battery but when I plug it in to charge it always stays green ( which means charged) it never turns orange which it means it should be charging , what would be the problem ?

  • Merida

    Hi, I was recently given a little tikes Hummer. The battery needs to be charged and I have a Peg Perego charger from the John Deer Tractor. When I look online, it seems that the chargers fore sale specifically for the hummer look exactly like the one I have for the John Deer. However, I can't, for the life of me, get them to connect. Is this impossible? Thank you very much.

  • Cindy B

    I have an older PP Polaris Sportsman 700. I am sure the battery needs to be replaced as it has not be used in a while. The last time it was charged was a couple of months ago and the battery was very weak. I washed it today, then tried to run it, but it's completely dead. When I plug the battery in, the charger shows a green light, saying it's fully charged. Do you think the battery is completely dead, or is something else wrong?


  • ThomasNeedsHelp

    Ok, bought the Peg Perego Thomas Train used, seller stated it came with brand new battery. Got the train, hooked up the a weak clicking noise when pressing buttons for music and nothing for the button that is supposed to make him move. Attempted to charge the battery (light on charger is always green - after trying 3 batteries on it, always green as soon as you plug it in even if not hooked up to a battery). Same response from Thomas and then nothing at all, not even clicking. Thought battery was bad, sent battery back to seller. Got new replacement battery part. Same response although clicking was a bit louder. Then ordered a brand new Peg Perego brand battery with original Peg Perego cap....same response from Thomas...loud clicking this time and thats it, he won't budge....can anyone shed light onto this issue...thinking Christmas is ruined for our little one (Thomas...even used, was not cheap)!

  • stuart

    Before reading this info i installed a 12v battery to my older Gaucho.
    You have mentioned in the title statement not to do this.
    Why is that so? And do you think it has anything to do with the Gaucho
    not running intermitently?

  • tercüme bürosu

    My friend has a Peg Perego Blue 12V 12Ah battery. The battery works excellent but the plug has been destroyed. Can we get only plugs? If this question has been asked I apologize for the duplicate.

  • Lisa

    I recently purchased a battery from you for my peg perego Santa fe train. I received the battery and charged it with the original peg charger, it lit up green so I believe the charger is working and the battery doesn't work . My battery is green cap and has a fuse in it do I need to replace the fuse?

  • Tara

    Hello I was wonder if you can use any 12v charger that would fit the battery connector cable or does it have to be peg perego? We have 700 twin sportsman, true 4x4 on demand, Polaris, 4wheeler.Thank You, Tara

  • Nino DiBattista

    I have an older Peg Perego 3 wheeler that had dual batteries with dual male female quick connects need to know what voltage this would require, name of 3 wheeler is Driver #'s DO10, I think it's pre 1995 any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Bob

    I have a peg perego jeep, and have not used it for years. I would like to get a new battery for it since ours is very old. I still have my old battery and the case and all that, but do not have the charger anymore. Where can I get a cheap charger?

  • iori

    Hi, I have a Peg-Pergo Polaris Sportsman 700TWIN, and I am planning to buy the IAKB0501 12 Volt Battery.
    My question is I don't have original battery and also the battery wire harness.
    Can you tell me why can I buy the wire harness please?
    Thank you

  • Nicho Willson

    My daughter has the Peg Perego quad, bought it quite a few years ago. She has not rode it in a few years as she has out grown it. I have recently tried charging the batteries so i can pass it on to my nephew and it still wont run. I have a feeling the batteries are pooched. I read online that there is a fuse inside the blue case, we removed the case and can not find a fuse. Does it look like a regular fuse? Also, do you ship to canada if i were to order replacement battery? Please help, i have no idea about these ride ons . thank you

  • Mark

    Can you use a regular car battery charger to charge these peg pergo 12V batteries?

  • Bill WIlkinson

    A ride-on Thomas the Train with a fully charged battery in good condition should run at least 2.5 to 3 hours. It depends a lot on how heavy the child is. Our now-7-year-old grandson got a lot of "miles" out of his and we just bought replacement batteries from ImpactBattery so hopefully his 2-year-old siblings will have as many miles usage. I intend to just get rid of the Peg Perego proprietary connectors and use off-the-shelf ones so we can swap out batteries in seconds. Will let all know how it works out.

  • James

    We have an ever increasing fleet of both Power Wheels and Peg Perego. Thrilled to find a aftermarket choice for the Power Wheels battery. Do you have any ideas to source Peg's overpriced Thermal Fuse?

  • Sherri

    How can I test my charger for 12v battery to see if it is working? it came with JD gator.

  • Tammi

    Hi! I bouht my grandson the Ride-on Thomas the Train with tracks USED and the battery only lasted him maybe 3 trip around the track....I want to replace the battery but was wondering if the original 4.5 AH could be upgraded for longer run time? Also, just exactly how long should a battery last-run time-and difference in -run time- between the 6v different AH's? One more question....are there quick chargers for these?

  • kominki

    Hello there, You have done an excellent job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I'm confident they'll be benefited from this site.

  • Mary

    Hi, I wntd to knw wht exactly does upping the volts on a ride on do?
    Does it increase weight capacity as well as in increase speed? Wht I'm looking for happens to be a Hello Kitty 6 volt pacific cycle scooter. Only thing is its weight limit is 50lbs, my Daughter's 51lbs. Is there anything I cn do myself to adjust it? I've seacrched for one tht is made to carry her bt hv found none else lk it.

  • http://n/a Wayne Stafford

    I have a Power Wheels Sweetpea model:83655/with a 6volt, fused 25amp battery.
    On your above site measurements for the replacement battery are: Dimensions 2.76x1.85x5.17"
    The original batterty is red in color and looks like your UB645, but my Dimensions are: 2&3/4 " wide by 5&1/4" tall
    by4&3/4" wide. Is the UB645 the correct replacement battery for my toy?
    Is the dimention of 1.85 correct or a typo?
    Second question: where are the terminal on your battery. Nothing is stated as to connections and the photo's do
    not show any. Are they on the top, side and are they marked (+&-)?
    Wayne Stafford

  • Susie

    We have purchased a new John Deere Gator from WalMart for our grandson. The battery in the blue case was included in the original box with the vehicle, along with the charger. Tonight when we started charging the battery for the initial charge, the orange light came on as expected, and then the green light came on in only about 2.5 hours. My husband said the charger plug was hot, so he unplugged it since he was concerned about leaving it plugged in unattended all night while we slept. He thinks the battery is now charged, and I said I had read that the initial charge required 12-14 hours. I can't explain why the green light came on so quickly, but I would like to have some advice on whether it is actually charged or not, and why the green light came on so prematurely. Also, will it hurt the battery to use it if it has not been fully charged initially? Should we plug it back in and try charging it again? I don't want to over do it, either! Help! Thanks so much.

  • Sinisa

    I have Gaucho grande (I dont no witch model, 10 years old GA-97 ??) and I want to go faster. I use originally battery and charger.
    I am look video on
    Waat to do to make it go faster, I am reed on forum that I hawe to connect 3 battery 6V, to get 18V (how)
    Is it possible that this make any demage on my wires or motor - engine ??

    Thnx for eny help

  • bill potteiger (grampa)

    my daughter bought a used john deer tractor for my grandson who loves to sit on papa farm tractors , however the battery show on 4.6 volts after charge overnight. being a retired mechanic of 24 years I have checked the charger output and that runs in the 14.8 to 15.1 the charger light show green and so far the orange light has not come on. I also popped the little rubber plug under the snap on cover and it looks dry inside it a dry battery or is does it need fluid? by the way it is getting the charging voltage right to the battery spades so it looks like the wiring is ok. also should the orange charging light come on when the battery is down that low?

  • LeeAnne

    We are considering purchasing a used John Deere Gator HPX that has no working battery. I wondered if my Peg Perego Barbie Jeep battery (also 12V) would work to test the gator before purchasing... then, of course we would buy a seperate battery. (Am concerned about how to tell if this is the only problem with it.)

  • Leigh

    I purchased a used gator 4x2, at a Junior league attic sale, they said it needed a battery. So there is no battery info to give you. The details I can tell you are it says was 12 volt, the plug looks to be two prongs, it says Peg-Perego John Deer 2 speed with reverse. I will need a charger as well I guess. Can you help[ me, or tell me what else I need to give you inof. Leigh

  • Bethany

    I need some help. I have a Peg Perego Gaucho Jeep that is about 7 years old and I need a new battery. The numbers that I could find on the battery are 12V 12AH and at the top corner 0624FR. I looked on Peg Perego's website and it appears they are using 24V batteries for the Gauchos now. Suggestions?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • roy makhanll

    I bought a john deer tractor for my grandso a few years ago.Suddenly it stopped working.There is noindication of the green or orange light on the charger so i bought a new chager.When i hooked up the new charger to the battery the new charger light turns green instantenly.Still,the vehicle does not work.It is a 12 volt battery 8ah.Do you think the battery is no good?

  • Lynette

    I found a used perego Santa Fe train for sale & it has a 12 volt battery. Were they ever manufactured with a 12 volt system or do you think the owner replaced a 6 volt with a 12 volt? thanks



  • Patty

    We recently acquired a john deere gator for our grandchildren that was missing the battery and charger. Is a charger included with the purchase of a battery?

  • Megan

    Hi, I need to replace the 12 V battery in my kids Peg Perego Polaris 4 Wheeler. Can I replace it with a 14V battery? Will that make it go faster? Will it keep charged longer?


  • Jor

    hi, i have had the john deere gator for 5 years now. Original Battery. today i did my routine charge and when i plugged in the charger it doesnt light up on the plug. Im not sure if its the battery or the charger... is this a typical problem when the battery is no good anymore.


    Can I use a power wheels 12v for the Gator I found....I can change the adapter, but there is an extra red wire that I don't know what to do with

  • debi

    We bought our first grandson the John Deere Gator HP in 2009, it will be 2 years Christmases this coming year. Now we have grandson #2. I have an opportunity to buy a Little Tykes Hummer that is in excellent shape for very little cost, however, it does not come with the battery. We have 3 complete batteries with their cases and connections for the JDG and 2 chargers.

    My question is: will the 12 volt John Deere Gator battery work in the Little Tykes Hummer? I'm trying to get a second 'ride' for my boys to keep at Nana & Drampa's house without spending a small fortune. We've already purchased a brand new Ford F-150 for the second grandson for Christmas so I'm trying to save a little money here if there's anyway possible. If you tell me that the two batteries aren't interchangeable then I more than likely will pass on the great deal on the Hummer because it would end up not being such a great deal after all. Especially if i have to buy both battery and charger..

    thank you so much for your help,


  • David Betz

    I purchased a power wheels barbie VW at a yard sale, but the battery is missing. Is there any easy way to figure out which battery is right for this toy? Thanks for the help.

  • Frank

    hi i have a barbie beach buggy model no. b6275 or possibly 86275 was wondering if you had a battery for this it has four prongs to it thanks

  • Keith

    I have a Peg Perego Blue 12V 12Ah battery. The battery is still in excellent condition but the blue plug has been destroyed. Do you sell just the plugs? I am kicking myself for not saving the plug from a battery we discarded last year. This may be the same question that Tonya asked above. If so, I apologize for the duplicate.

  • Scott Patrick

    We have a John Deere Per Perego that uses the IAKB0014 12V 8Ah Battery. It stopped working some time ago after about 3 years of fairly consistent use, but also a lot of down time in a hot garage (and cold in winter). I suspect the battery is just dead, but have a lingering concern something else may may wrong. How likely is it just the battery?

    thanks in advance


  • Rhonda

    opened the battery casing, put the wire back on the terminal, and the battery is as good as new, which is almost is. i was pretty confident that was all that was wrong with it but was unsure about prying it open because of all the warnings on the side. i received two very helpful responses from impact and i didnt even buy anything and was able to fix my problem. when i do need to buy, i know who i will contact. very good customer service and info. thats not always so easy to find these days

  • Tonya

    I need to know if you carry the external connector harness tab and the slide on harness tab for my sons peg perego 12v john deere battery?

  • Rhonda

    We have the orange and black peg perego that looks like an atv that has a yellow 24 volt battery. We had a storm that destroyed our out building and rolled the atv around. The battery appears ok, but the wire was pulled out about an inch from where it goes into the battery and the light wont come on on the charger when I hook it up. Do you sell a replacement for 24 volt? Do you think there would be any chance of salvaging the one we have? I think the wire could be reconnected but it said it was tamper proof so I was afraid to pry it open. Can you tell me how to open the yellow case? Any help would be appreciated. My son is disappointed and I cant really spend 100 dollars on new one right now. Thanks, Rhonda

  • Michal

    I have bought my peg perego 12 v gaucho rocking in 1996 in Toronto, Canada - there are 4 wires coming to the soccet (black, blue, grey and red), now I replaced the accumulator, for the Italian of the same capacity but it has only two wires, I suppose (+) and (-).rnHow should I connect the wires - black, blue, grey and red to + and - to the car properly.
    Thank you.

  • millie heath

    Just purchased a used Thomas the train ride on for my grandsons first bday.. The lady I purchased it from has lost battery and charger.. Could u please suggest them for me.. And also I was wondering can I upgrade on battery in future for more power and longer ridn time.. Let me know as soon as possible so I can order these before him party saturday... Thank u ;)

  • Jason Vasquez

    Do I have to charge my replacement Peg Perego battery before the first use or has it already been charged? Please let me know. Thank You.

  • sandi duffy


  • Ed

    I have a perego battery djw12-8.0 Ah including the blue protective cover and wiring harness.What battery do you suggest on buying to replace this battery plus what charger do you suggest i purchase .I need both replacement battery and charger.Hope to hear from you at your earliest possibble convinience .ty ,ed

  • Robert Muller

    My son's old peg perego gator has the blue battery pack with a label on it that says
    Peg Perego USA, Inc. 3625 Independence Dr., Ft Wayne IN 46808
    521200 12V AMP PACK "01 AMP12V01.
    It has the 40a. fuse and holder ... battery size outside of the blue holder is 6" long x 3 - 7/8"deep x 3 - 3/4" tall

    I could find no other numbers on it.
    We probably bought it in or around 01 as he is 13 years old now and I want to get it running to give to my sister in law for her grandchildren.
    What is the best battery to replace it with...... possibly one with more run time?

  • Larry

    I have a 12-volt 12 Ah battery. Can it be used in a toy that currently has a 12-volt 8 Ah battery? There is space enough for it, I am just not sure if the additional 4 Ah will have any impact.

  • Gina

    My husband bought a replacement battery at Wal Mart for our granddaughter's Little Tikes Disney Little Princess Fairytale Cruiser which uses Peg Perego 12v/12Ah .The battery is not the correct one.
    Embarrassingly,I know very little about the battery needed.My husband said the problem with the new battery is:it has female plug in and it needs male.
    Could you possibly tell me if the IAKB0501 which is a 12V 12Ah is the correct model?
    I would be very grateful,ty.

  • Greg Rothlander

    You said that you can save about 40% on purchasing a battery to replace the Peg Pergo batteries for the John Deere Gator? The Peg Pergo batteries sale for $59 retail at WalMart , yours sell for $53 plus shipping. Am I looking at the wrong battery? It sounds like it would be cheaper to just buy the Peg Pergo battery and not have to worry about dealing with the case and all. I am looking to save, so let me know. I would like to replace it on my own if I can save some money. But if it's the same price or more, there would be no point.

    Best regards,

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