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BLS-12N Battery Desulfator Rejuvenator
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BLS-12N Battery Life Saver Rejuvenator Desulfator

Quick Overview

This Battery Life Saver product is ideal for old and new battery systems and comes with eyelets for secure mounting. Patented WAVE2 Technology keeps your 12 V electric vehicle batteries from succumbing to the effects of sulfation. NOT A CHARGER

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    In Stock

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    Battery Life Saver

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  • Warranty

    5 Year

Original Price : $99.95

Designed for use with any 12 volt battery or battery bank including cars, boats and RV's. The BLS-12N comes with a low voltage shutoff and will not drain your battery if left unattended for long periods of time. The BLS-12N shutoff point is around 90% State of Charge (SOC). For optimal performance the BLS is best used in conjunction with a regularly used smart charger.

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Product Specs
Availability Note: In Stock
Model: BLS-12/24B
Brand: Battery Life Saver
Capacity 20Hr (Ah): No
Output Voltage (V): 12 or 24
Output Current (A): No
Dimensions (LxWxH - inches): 4.5 x 2 x 2.5
Weight (lb): 1
Warranty: 5 Year
Color: No

FAQs About This Product

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  • i need to know if this desulfator can be connected while driving ???
    As long as the BLS unit is firmly secured to the vehicle it can be used while the vehicle is in operation with no ill effects to the vehicle or the BLS unit.
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  • can I hook this up to 6 - 8 v batteries in golf cart - if so what is proper installation procedure thanks Tom

    You would be better served using the BLS-36N or BLS-48N for your golf cart.

    Theoretically and very cumbersomely, (if you will allow me to create such a word) you could use the BLS-12N on sets of two 6V batteries and then change to the next set and then the final set. You could keep this rotation up, but that would be silly.

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  • Hello. What is the difference between BLS-48N, A, B ?Do these really work? How would one know? Asking because people in the battery business say they're not worth the time adding them to a PV system (48V solar/battery: 24 large 2V sealed cells).

    We hear that a lot from battery sales men, even the ones we like. Yet, when we asked them if they tried one, they often say no. when we present some improved metrics they find a way to marginalize them.

    I have not seen any harm come to batteries with on board desulfators. I have seen noticeable improvements with them attached. That is a small price to pay to extend the life of your batteries.

    The BLS-48 N and B are the same; they were merged into one unit. These units are designed to excel on electric vehicles and similar applications. The BLS-48A is better suited for renewable energy systems that frequently have deep discharges.

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