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Bassmaster Elite Veteran Rick Morris Never Leaves Home Without His NorthStar Battery

Bassmaster Elite is the highest level of bass fishing in the world. Rick Morris is a 20-year veteran on the circuit. Over such a distinguished carrier he has blown through countless batteries. However, after NorthStar approached him to be a sponsor, things changed. He has come to rely on and trust NorthStar batteries steadfast performance.

Choosing the Right Battery is Not Just for Bassmaster Elites

Michelle Valberg image for BassMaster Elite Rick MorrisWe have all been out on the water at the crack of dawn where the water is like glass, the fog looks like steam rising off the surface and that distinct loon call echoes across the inlet. It is on days like these we find peace in the northern back-woods.

Of course, days like that, however memorable, do not require much from your boat’s battery. If you’re like me, days like this find me sitting in one quite corner of the lake enjoying the solitude. But, these days seem to be few and far between.

For many of us, we may better relate to one of these scenarios:

  • Our only access to water within a 100-mile radius is on a river sporting a 6 mile an hour current.
  • It’s your only weekend off in a month and their forecasting 2-4 foot waves.
  • A hoard of people infringe on our spot forcing you to move around the lake constantly.
  • You are on the Bassmaster Elite circuit and practice 12-hour days 6 days a week.

It is for days like these that the NorthStar batteries were created!

“That’s Why I Run NorthStar”

Listen to why Rick Morris runs NorthStar batteries in is bass boat. During this [sponsored] interview for NorthStar he recounts a harrowing day on the Tennessee River Chain where waves were coming over the bow of the boat while thunderstorms and tornadoes raged in the area. Aside from the amazing feet of being to present the bait in such conditions, he attributes his positioning success to the strength of the NorthStar battery.

Rick Morris & Impact Battery Trust NorthStar Batteries

In the video, Rick Morris indicated he runs with NorthStar’s Group 31 marine battery. Until recently that was the largest battery they supplied. They now have a Group 8D battery that is perfect for some of those larger vessels.

But for most of us, we will employ the NSB-AGM24M, NSB-AGM34M, NSB-AGM27M or NSB-AGM31M. All of which have the dual marine terminals. Below is a quick comparison chart of the four group sizes.

Group SizeGroup 24Group 34Group 27Group 31
Reserve Capacity160 Min133 Min195 Min220 Min
Marine Cranking1010 MCA1050 MCA1080 MCA1370 MCA
Capacity 20Hr76 Ah65 Ah92 Ah103 Ah
Weight57 Lbs.51 Lbs.68 Lbs.75 Lbs.


We have some commercial vendors that own and operate marinas down in Florida. They used to purchase various battery brands including Optima and Odyssey along with NorthStar.

Then a couple years ago the switched exclusively to NorthStar batteries, not because they were offered a better purchase price, but because they discovered they lasted longer and provided a better user experience. The contrast was night and day and ultimately, they were saving/making more money because of this decision.

We tend to agree. Our team here at Impact hear stories like this repeatedly. We even have some of our own that we share from time to time. But isn’t that how the world works?

We all like to share with our buddies what IS and ISN'T working. It’s part of our selection process. It’s how we filter truth. Hopefully you’ll see we are just like you, sitting around the campfire sharing our favorite NorthStar battery stories and how they made our trip on the water something we can all be proud of.

Check out all of the above mentioned marine batteries today and discover if this is the final piece to helping you fish like a pro.

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