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Could This Be the Best Deep Cycle Marine / RV Battery For the Money?

Australia’s Outback is one of the least hospitable regions in the world. When you’re traversing such a vast and diverse landscape amid deadly heat you must rely on your deep cycle backup battery for survival. North America’s terrain and weather extremes are no different boasting some the worlds fiercest winter weather. When it comes to long term reliability and long-lasting power generation, what brand comes to mind as the best deep cycle battery for the money?

The Landscape for the Best Deep Cycle Battery is Changing

Comparing the Best Deep Cycle Batteries

MotoBatt introduced the QuadFlex powersport battery to market in 2009. The standout yellow color, unique 4-terminal design and special attention to balanced-power-delivery made them an instant hit. They are now one of the world’s number one selling aftermarket motorcycle batteries.

Recently, they debuted a new sealed AGM deep cycle line. Targeted towards recreational vehicles and the marine industry, these much larger lead weights are making waves.

When compared to familiar brand names and industry titans such as Trojan and LifeLine—see our related article, ‘Why Are LifeLine Batteries So Good?’—these new MotoBatt deep cycle batteries are not to be taken lightly. Pound for pound they produce higher amp hour rates and reserve capacities.

Comparing Full River, LifeLine, MotoBatt, NorthStar and Trojan Group 27 AGM Marine Batteries

Best BCI Group 27 AGM 100Ah Battery Comparison
BrandLifeLineFull RiverMotoBattNorthStarTrojan
Part NumberGPL-27TDC105-12MB105-12NSB-AGM2727-AGM
Dimensions - mm305 x 168 x 235307 x 169 x 215306 x 169 x 211316 x 172 x 222306 x 174 x 237
Capacity 10 Hour95Ah95Ah110Ah~~Ah82Ah
Capacity 20 Hour100Ah105Ah114Ah92Ah89Ah
Reserve Capacity186 Min175 Min227 Min195 Min158 Min
Internal Resistance3.5Ω4.0Ω3.5Ω2.6Ω4.8Ω
Retail Cost*$365$315$325$345$280

*Retail cost is based on 2018 average online prices.

Back in January of 2017 we named the dual purpose NorthStar starting/deep cycle battery as "The Best AGM Battery No One Knows About." It is indeed a great battery! As you can see, despite being a dual purpose battery with thin plates, NorthStar batteries are a solid deep cycle choice. Its low internal impedance and high reserve capacity help make it a standout once more.

LifeLine is a brand known for its longevity. They have an incredible brand loyalty among RVers. In fact, we have customers asking for Lifeline more than any other deep cycle battery as they routinely last 8-10 years. That word-of-mouth advertising goes a long way. An argument could be made that the overall cost of acquisition is lower for LifeLine’s despite the upfront cost being among the highest.

The Full River DC105-12 puts up some healthy amp hour ratings and has an attractive price point. Trojan, a brand that pioneered the deep cycle golf cart battery, is on this list simply as a point of reference. It’s a recognizable name people have come to trust but compared to these titans their part number 27-AGM falls short.

MotoBatt Deep Cycle Batteries

MotoBatt’s MB105-12 has the highest 10hr and 20hr capacity rating. Their reserve capacity of 227 minutes is over 15% higher than the closest competitor (NorthStar’s NSB-AGM27) and over 40% larger compared to Trojan’s 158 minutes RC.
The internal threaded stud makes it easy to combine batteries in series or parallel.

This ultimate deep cycle battery should, in time, become the premier choice for commercial and industrial users utilizing scissor lifts and floor scrubbers to telecommunication and off-grid solar applications. They are perfect for the hobbyists’ house battery bank and off-road camping RV and 4WD applications.

Developed and Tested in Australia from the Outback Desert to the High Plains snowfields Motobatt Deep Cycle Batteries are built to survive the toughest of varying conditions. Searing heat, extreme cold, severe vibrations and deep discharge cycles are the norm. Why would you expect your battery to provide anything less than the best?