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XC100-P PulseTech Xtreme: Miracle Charger

The story of the XC100-P begins here: Recently a friend of mine was sharing a story about how he needed to get a new battery for his skid loader. He explained how he always had to jump start the vehicle and when he turned the engine off and came back the next day to finish the job he would have to jump it again. It would not start under its own power if it sat for more than a few hours.

The Miracle Charger: PulseTech Xtreme XC100-P

XC100-P Desulfating ChargerHe figured a new battery would cost an arm-and-a-leg and was complaining how difficult it was to get in to where the battery was located to change it out. Since I am a "battery guy" he knew I would be able to help him find a battery and would take care of him honestly. And that is exactly what I did!

His story sounded like there could be a sulfation issue occurring. Sulfation is the result of the natural processes within lead acid batteries. As the batteries age and go through their cycles, sulfur crystals will come out of solution and harden on the lead plates. This reduces surface area for the chemical/atomic reaction of the electrolyte and lead and prematurely kills the battery.

I asked him if I could conduct an experiment that would potentially save him hundreds of dollars by not having to purchase a new sealed lead acid battery. My plan: attach the PulseTech Xtreme Charger. This small, lightweight and waterproof charger uses patented pulsating charge algorithms to dissolve the sulfate crystals and send them back into solution. The 22-28 KHz frequency pulses over a 1,000,000 times a minute and can restore seemingly dead batteries to near new condition. He skeptically agreed and allowed me to attach the XC100-P to his battery.

We left the charger attached to his battery for about two weeks before he needed to use it one Friday afternoon. Reluctantly, Jumper cables in hand, he went to start the BobCat...and vroooom! It started right up, as though it were brand new. Still a skeptic, he said there is no way it will start come Monday if the charger is left off. Monday came and we walked out to the loader and....vrooom! It started right up. "Ya, but it will drain down by weeks end..." Friday...vrooom! Later again on Friday vrooom! Monday, vrooom! At this point I felt I needed to solidify his faith in the technology and asked him to keep turning the loader on and off until he got tired of doing so. About 10 or 15 cycles later he pops out of the cab beaming--utter astonishment plastered across his face he says, "It works better now than when I bought it! This thing is amazing!"

It has now been nearly 2 months since attaching the Pulse Tech XC100-P Xtreme Charger and he has had absolutely no issues with the battery. And yes, he is now a believer in this miracle desulfation technology and tells his story to every one willing to listen. PulseTech also makes multi-bank and onboard versions, called the Power Pulses that work in conjunction with your existing charger. These units come in 12V, 24V, 36V and 48Vand are perfect for golf carts, mobility scooters, cars, trucks, boats...well any application that uses a lead acid battery. Check out the full line of PulseTech products at

XC100-P Story Update 1/16/2013:

It has now been over a year and half since first attaching the Xtreme charger to his Bob Cat. We noticed a couple weeks ago that the machine was starting a little slower--remember these batteries were thought to be trash when we first used the XC100-P in late May of 2011--so we put the charger back on the battery for a couple days. Once again the skid loader starts right up with no hesitation. We continue to sing the praises of Pulse Tech desulfating chargers.

Xtreme Charger Update 6/21/2013:

As the construction industry begins to rebound, my friend Chris is now using his Bob Cat daily. For a while there it was being used infrequently and for short stretches of time to simply help a neighbor unload stuff. The best part, he has not had to change the batteries yet! He put the charger on a couple weeks ago for 3 days. The batteries are starting to sound sluggish, but are not anywhere near the shape they were in 2 years ago. We think the batteries will make it through 2013, meaning the XP100-P will have added 3 additional years to the 5 year old batteries that were thought to be at the end of their life cycle. Not a bad investment eh?

Do you have more than one vehicle? or vehicles with different voltages? PulseTech has come out with a device called the QuadLink. This 4-station multiplier connects to your XP100-P charger and splits the desulfating charge between up to four 12 volt lead acid batteries. It will automatically rotate the charge every 10 minutes. The QuadLink can be purchased in a kit (see link above) or individually to be used with any charger that utilizes the SAE connector.

Sulfation Update 11/03/2015:

Received a note from Chris indicating the tractor batteries are beginning to run down again. He intends on digging out the XC100-P charger and will let us know in a couple weeks what the outcome is. He pointed out those batteries are getting pretty old and have lasted far longer than expected since introducing the PulseTech. I would also add, that it is apparent the charger has not been used full-time for the past couple years as he has to go find where he put it. It has now been over 4 years since the Pulse Charger was first used, could it produce another miracle and bring them back to full health again?

The End Has Come Update 5/17/2016

Received an email from Chris today and he mentioned that he had to finally change the batteries in his skid loader about two months ago. If you recall, we first wrote this article back 2011 when his batteries were about 5 years old. Chris was ready to relegate those suckers to the scrap heap. After introducing the XC100 to the mix we have added an additional 5 years of life to those batteries. This charger effectively doubled the life span of his skid steer batteries. Could it have tripled their life if the charger was used from day one?

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    How about pulse tech pp-12-L ?
    is that effective as well ?

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