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Battery Management Program (BMP) Pulse Talk May 2015

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Battery Managament Program - Pulse Talk 2015-05It is time to recover batteries that appear old and worn out using the Battery Management Program (BMP) created by PulseTech and tested and approved by Impact Battery and many real world business' just like yours!

In this months edition of Pulse Talk, we highlight a trucking company from south Texas and the Kentucky Army National Guard (Pulse Talk May 2015 Edition).

Rush Trucks Inc.

Richard Andrus, of Rush Trucks laments "The BMP works and is easy to use. I don't understand why everyone doesn't have it!" You see, this Houston based trucking company has reduced the number of new batteries being purchased by 85% and has saved over $41,000 over the past 7 months! The Battery Management Program used by Rush trucks and offered by Impact Battery paid for itself in less than 3 months.

Kentucky Army National Guard

After using the BMP, the Kentucky Army National Guard reported a 90% reduction in year-over-year lead acid battery replacements. They also indicated that they gained one man-year of available productive time. That is one full year of battery replacement & maintenance related labor cost wiped off the slate and free to use on more important tasks.

Learn more about PulseTech's BMP today and call the experts at Impact Battery to start experiencing the savings these smart institutions have discovered first hand. Whether you are recovering 4 batteries or 400 batteries, the BMP can be modified to fit your needs. Call 866-668-3163 today.

Want to know what product helped make Rush Trucks Battery Management Program so successful? Click here to see details about the SP-5 Solar Pulse desulfating solar panel used on the roofs of Rush Trucks. These panels come in 3 primary sizes and have an extremely low profile and are virtually unbreakable! Their unique and patented pulse controller will keep batteries strong and healthy for years to come.



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